YouTube Subscriber Fishing Journey River Monsters Argentina!

This is element a person of my vacation to the remote jungle of Argentina fishing for genuine River Monsters the Golden Dorado! The very best freshwater fish I have observed.

If you want to experience what I did then contact this person
Javier Enrique by means of E-mail: he is a legend and know’s how to capture the biggest Dorado

If you have any issues? Come to feel absolutely free to remark on the online video and sick do my very best to reply to you all.

Unique thanks to Nano, Fernando, and they are gorgeous spouse and children and pals for inviting me in excess of to Argentina, it was unreal!

Hope you savored the online video,
Cavy Fishing


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  1. Cavy I love the fact you came top Argentina, my country to fish!!! Although I think you may have not went to the best places. I recognize that guide, he is from Goya, right? Best places are Paso de la Patria, Ita Ibate, Yahape and Concordia. The you have a lot bigger Dorados and huge Surubis, whis is a kind of catfish. Maybe next time! Excelent channel love your vids

  2. This came up in my suggestions so I watched it. At the beginning I was like who is this bloke? Do I know him? He looks very familiar… Then I remembered… You're the guy who rescued that young lady from the rocks while U were surfing. I watched that one a while back. Good shit brah. Dorados and ladies all day!!!

  3. Looks like an incredible trip with amazing hosts. It’s awesome to see you guys being able to live the dream. The videos get me so excited for my fishing season to start in spring.

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