You Can’t Transfer Your Mom and dad To Germany: Know the German Regulations #Germany #vacation

Link to Aufenthaltsgesetzt §36:

Even below it is clearly described that minors can phone their mom and dad to Germany:

Some folks ended up becoming misled into contemplating that they can carry their mom and dad to Germany for good and that is why it was vital for me to apparent up the air and inform you the authentic law about going your family members to Germany: In limited: You can not do it but you ought to know the law behind it.

The only way for them to occur to Germany is with a Vacationer visa and even there it is not about bringing them to Germany, as considerably as it is about them coming to Germany by themselves for Tourism uses.

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  1. Hello sir
    I really see ur videos with full concentration.
    1) So i just want to know that if i get a job there and i sponsor them, then whats the case
    2) if they get job over there
    3) And i even want to know that if i want to get a job for my parents then can i do that
    4) I even want to talk personally to you sir as i am In shaa Allah soon i am gonna come there in Magdeburg

  2. Bro I'm coming to hamburg for master studies and have few relatives in different country in Europe can I visit them with the student's Visa? If I need to wait for 3 months to travel to different country or I can just catch a train to that country just after my Visa is extended for 1 year.

    Edit: I am coming to hamburg this October 🙂

  3. What's reason behind Some people making so many videos who are in Germany… Aren't there so many opportunities (either short or long term) for jobs or Social Prejudices for Us like indians in Germany? I really follow you brother… But i guess its hard to guess all situations over there except Your Guidance. Thanks brother..

  4. @Bharat in Germany I am going to join structural engineering this winter semester
    So I want to know about you
    Did you completed your masters in structural engineering
    Then got any job
    Could you please tell me ?

  5. hi bro i keep following your videos and they are really informative. I am a Bachelors student in kleve Germany.
    I only have my father alive. As a student what would i have to do for my father to stay with me as long as i have residence permit.

  6. Bro been following you very often but one thing I would like to mention compete with yourself rather than competing with others. I never expected this from you bharath, i directly came to meet you when you came to banglore coz I thought you are really trying to help people like me but never ever ever thought you are looking for socialize funding and only making all these for money…! Great indian proud of you

  7. But brother what type of opportunities are there for electronics,instrumentation and for computer science student.The exam that should have to go through for taking admission into german universities.Gre/Toefl which one is right.

  8. Hi Bharat, I am searching for colleges which teach Masters and their deliverance language is English. I am from India and I am doing btech. Where can I find colleges which teach in English. I am from civil engineering stream and would like to pursue Ms in that stream. Can I get any guidance for my query please.?

  9. Hey Bharat… I have been following you for the last one year. Your videos are quite straight forward n helpful. But brother I need assistance regarding masters degree. I wish to pursue my masters either from Germany or from Australia. Can you pls suggest me which country have better option? And if Germany can you pls recommend me university?

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