Yachts Don&#39t Arrive Right here.. Heres Why | Cape City


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Yachts you should not come here to cape town. This is why. I genuinely would like more boats arrived to South Africa but they would need to have to be big or explorer sort vessels. Plenty of wind, lots of seas but also … Plenty of attractiveness.
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  1. Like the skateboard intro and tour. Nice job as always. SV Delos gave me the impression there are tons of blue water sailboats resting over at the Marina. Guess not. What you are saying makes sense though. How many people actually sail around the world?

  2. you should also mention that beside the fact the CPT is too far from big yachting places, the inconvenient are very cold water and sharks.Then, the closest places to go would be Mozambique, Zanziber, Mauritius or Seychelles which are all very far from CPT. I am from JHB and has been in SA for 8 years.

  3. Thanks Jared. Bought back loads of memories of visiting Cape Town back in 2000. Stayed at the Mount Nelson and a big hotel in the waterfront (can’t remember its name now). But what a fantastic city it was. So very diverse. Keep them coming. A great job you do.

  4. Jared you forgot to mention the Great Whites and freezing cold water … although most of the white chompers are in Hout Bay around the corner.

    I did a trip just out from where you are on a small yacht that did the Cape to Rio race in big swells and 40 knot winds.

    The boat was sailing on it's side with a pro sailor … the wife and kids were crying they were so scared … quite an experience to remember .

    Do they still have the Cape to Rio race … you could do something on that.

  5. you know you keep saying that people want to see more "huge mega yacht" type of footage but i disagree. I believe there are alot of people out there, that would love to see more of realistic boats such as the one you are on right now. and videos of trips on boats that people like myself might actually be able to own or at least do a trip on one day

  6. It's daunting getting to SA. While there might not be typical pirates up the east and west coasts all the way, there are plenty of gangsters who would love to rob a yacht. I come from SA and my family live there. Ek kan nogsteeds die taal praat en ek het jarre lank nie daar gewoon nie.

  7. Hey Jared, firstly thank you for showing the beauty of Africa which many don't get to see. My question is, if the yachts are built locally to the quality levels of their European counterparts, could that possibly attract more people into yachting around SA and the region?

  8. Speaking as someone who hasnt experiencex cape town, can i assume the facilities are not in place to cater for larger yachts, plus i feel the shark stigma doest make it attractive to play in the water. Plus the wealth divide in SA is extreme and offboard safety is considered an issue for a non local multi millionaire sat on his or her feadship. At best its a 2nd world cojntry with pockets of wealth.

  9. Hey Jared, I have so loved watching all your videos and seeing the hard work you have put in. I have been subscribed for a long time now and I am still so enjoying your content! I am sea rescue crew at Station 3 (Table Bay) which is absolutely love and I hope to one day spend time in the med on some yachts!

  10. Dude, just bring the knowledge that you have to all the boats, get on a few sail boats to gain greater knowledge. Talk with the crew on that charter cat, I bet they have some good stories. Keep up the great work, look forward to the next video!
    Brian from Florida

  11. hi jared, love your vlogs! they keep on getting better and better 🙂 question: what do you think is the best place to go sailing in the beginning of october on a 45 ft monohull sailing yacht? we love to go to greece and are thinking about the ionian sea. Any experience?

  12. What is that “bracelet” on your ankle? You made some reference to it being a shark “repellent” but I am not aware of it. Before I even watched this video I knew why large yachts did not come to Cape Town. Like you said, it is a long distance AND the sea is rough much of the time.

  13. hey why nit show us whats up with cape town obviously stay safe dint go somewhere you woildnt normaly for views i understand there isnt much you can do but here are some suggestions deep sea fishing shark watching not diving just stuff on small boats will do

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