[Xbox One] Crackdown 3 – £6.85 delivered @ Shopto #traveldeals

Step Up Your Boom Time to step up your boom and stop crime as a super-powered Agent in Crackdown 3’s open-world sandbox of mayhem and destruction. Explore the heights of New Providence, tear up the streets in iconic vehicles, and use your powerful abilities to stop a ruthless criminal empire. Play the campaign solo or with a friend in co-op mode or compete in the all-new Wrecking Zone, a multiplayer mode where destruction is your ultimate weapon. Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold subscription (sold separately).

Skills for Kills – Level up your super-Agent skills to move as fast as lightning, jump over skyscrapers, hurl trucks at your enemies and protect the city from cold-blooded criminals.

Dangerous Open-World Playground – Play solo or with a friend in co-op mode to explore an expansive, vertical world to infiltrate crime lords and take down their syndicates.

Take a BOOM Out of Crime – Lure vindictive crime lords out of hiding by completing objectives, attacking criminal operations and taking out high-value captains.

All-New Multiplayer Wrecking Zone – Crackdown 3 includes the all-new Wrecking Zone an explosive competition with three unique modes where destruction is your ultimate weapon against friends and rivals.

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