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Not everything lives up to the hype. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for The World’s Most Overrated Travel Destinations.

For this list, we’re looking at destinations or attractions that appear on the bucket lists of many travelers, but which often leave people disappointed once they actually get there. So come along as we explore a selection of both general locations and specific attractions that fail to live up to expectations. For the record, we’re not saying that any of these places don’t have any charms or need to be avoided. We’re just here to help you manage your expectations.

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  1. I haven’t been to Loch Ness in over 21 years but you’re describing it as far out of the way? I took me 2 hours to drive up from 10 miles south of Edinburgh. I get the overpriced idea, sort of, but gasoline prices were 4 times more expensive, and almost everything is more expensive in Europe. You also need to understand how much tourism is also a big part of their economy and it’s a short season. That’s why you over pay anywhere tourists travel. Scotland is picturesque and peaceful in addition to the history that can be learned from a visit. And for me, the most interesting part of of visiting Scotland is meeting the friendly and humorous people who reside there. I would have put New York City places as much more of a disappointment. Overpriced, noisy, dirty and it’s easy to run into people who are less than polite.

  2. To non-Americans and to non-patriotic Americans Mt. Rushmore may well be a let down. But to most patriotic Americans Mt. Rushmore is a worthwhile place to visit, especially when the weather is good.

  3. The French have a particularly bad habit of allowing entire historic centers to be turned into giant tourist attractions e.g. Paris, Carcassonne, Aix-En-Provence. Stay away from these theme park attractions and visit Lyons, Chartres, Toulouse, Montpelier instead.

  4. I'd have to say that Stonehenge was the most disappointing tourist attraction that I've been to recently. I do agree though that the Mona Lisa is bad too. Not because it's not worth seeing but it's the throng of people taking flash pictures on their damn cell phones and selfies in front of it that ruin the experience.

  5. If you go to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa alone, you're an idiot. Also, Giza has to make any list of the most overrated attraction, followed by Macchu Picchu and Taj Mahal.

    Most underrated: Angkor Wat, Petra, Galapogos.

  6. Walking through the Champs Elysées until you get a great picture in front of the Arch of Triumph cannot be considered overrated ever.
    Despite the size, I liked the Monalisa, but if someone didn't there are hundreds of different types of stuff you may like to see in Louvre (for ex. the Code of Hammurabi, and avoid the crowd)

  7. Saying the Mona Lisa is overrated because it's small is the most stupid, yet widespread, comment. The value of art is not in the size of the piece. Of course for tourists that only go to the Louvre because it's famous and not because they have interest in art it's dissapointing since you can hardly have your selfie with it…
    Also, Banana Republic on the Champs-Elysées closed in like 2016 so maybe you should keep your data up to date and I have almost never seen vendors on the sidewalk, they are mostly around the Louvre.

  8. Add Eiffel Tower to the list. It may be an impressive achievement of engineering for it's time, but it is just a hunk of metal in an otherwise amazing city. Farther away you get from the tower more beautiful the city gets, but in the generation of selfies, people don't visit places for themselves anymore.

  9. The hike to the viewing point of Vinicunca [Rainbow Mountain] in Peru is the equivalent to the elevation of Everest Base Camp; it isn’t meant to be an easy hike. I went last September and it was beautiful and although the colors aren’t what you see on IG (but I mean what is real on IG) it’s absolutely stunning. Not to mention the pride in ones own accomplishment of trekking it. Also, you have a picture thrown in that is of the Rainbow Mountain in China, just FYI.

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