World’s Most Deluxe – Burj Al Arab Dubai Documentary

Burj Al Arab
One particular of Dubai’s most well-known vacationer landmarks, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah frequently stands amongst the prime five – if not the absolute peak – of the world’s most iconic hotels.

Considering that its opening in late 1999, the hotel with its exclusive sail-formed silhouette, has thrust Dubai on to the worldwide luxurious tourism landscape. Built on a triangular guy-built island reclaimed from the sea, the hotel and its billowing sail-like structure rise 321 metres over the sea, featuring panoramic sights of the Arabian Gulf.

Managed by Jumeirah Resorts & Resorts, the Burj Al Arab will take acknowledged expectations of luxurious to a new level. Company have accessibility to services on par with royalty and great dining alike. Gold interiors, lush suites, the finest delicacies – Burj Al Arab’s lengthy listing of superlatives can’t be matched.

Just take your decide from an underwater aquarium restaurant reached by means of a simulated submarine voyage, heralded by famed and award winning chef Nathan Outlaw, a fleet of Rolls-Royces on the forecourt and the well-known helipad that has hosted the likes of Tiger Woods, Anthony Joshua and Roger Federer.


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