Working day one in Buenos Aires | EMPANADAS!

We arrived in Buenos Aires and went straight to our AirBnB to consider a nap. Then we experienced the most delicious empanadas for evening meal!

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***Vacation VLOG 275***
Track by Andrew Applepie: Phone Me

WHO ARE KARA AND NATE?! – We resolved to consider a yr off to vacation the globe in January 2016. Each day vlogging was not the first approach, but we quickly fell in enjoy with it and now article a video clip of what we do every working day! About halfway as a result of the yr, we knew we weren’t likely to be all set to quit touring in December, so now we have a new target of visiting a hundred international locations just before 2019! On our channel you can anticipate to see the very best foods and adventures of every place we stop by )
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  1. I know I'm a year behind here… but there is a waist belt for the gimbal arm that has 3 models… 1 clip in the front, and a pouch in the side you has put the camera to film stealthy… 2 has several fast release clip places on the belt… 3 is pricey but has a track on the belt… want to go VERY high tech I have seen one with a harness for a drone.

  2. I like the intimacy small cameras facilitate. If the price is a little shaking, I can live. I guess the challenge is to know when to use all the new gear and when not to.

  3. You guys are so adorable! I came across your videos while looking for places to eat in Buenos Aires. Can't wait to watch the rest of your videos! And I'm sure Nate gets this all the time, but he seriously looks like Cristiano Ronaldo.

  4. You guys need to look for non verbal communication signals and body language. The lady at the empanada shop held up 10 fingers and told you 10 minutes and you still didn't know what she said. Those little clues can help you if you don't speak the language.

  5. did argentina go in your checklist because of cristiano? 🙂
    honestly, the stabilizer and how it was used was a little distracting, the pans need to be slower, and walking-the-path shot didn't look good, especially w/ the side to side jiggle. speeding it up made it worse too. nate may need some practice walking w/ the stabilizer. :). however, it did look better when the camera was on you guys.

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