Wonderful Gyarados Grind Party, Cape City South Africa (Pokemon GO VLOG)

Hey females and gents, just a swift vlog from present day Wonderful Gyarados Grind party in Sea Stage, Cape City.
Such a attractive day for a wander down the promenade, sun shining and pretty much countless numbers of persons out catching Pokemon like there is no tomorrow!
So awesome to see persons out in costume way too, plenty of Pikachu’s and Ash’s out on screen, fantastic to see!

Shout out to the fellas from Pokemon GO South Africa, hook up with them here on Facebook:

Often awesome to see my man Grant Hinds out and about, make confident you go and examine out his channel, here:

Huge many thanks to Radisson Blu Lodge for sponsoring free espresso for us trainers, seriously amazing to see persons getting guiding the game!

(Tunes Applied: ES_Indie Electro 1 – Cospe) Readily available from EpidemicSound.com


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