"WINGING IT" Episode 2 – Namakwa 4×4 Eco Trail / Richtersveld / Kgalagadi Part 2/2

Another My Life in Africa WINGING IT tour, the idea behind these tours is to literally make no bookings have no planned itinerary other than an idea and direction. We pick our first nights stop and decide where to from there…

This WINGING IT tour we ended up on the longest 4×4 route that South Africa has to offer, the Namakwa 4×4 Eco Trail. A fantastic journey down the banks of the Orange River (now known as the Gariep River). This trail provides travelers the freedom of choice, the choice to choose where you want to camp, and where exactly is that you may ask, well anywhere you like on the trail itself, the options are unlimited. All you need to do is pick a spot that tickles your fancy and well you then just need to setup camp.

The route is not harsh driving, although there are sections that can be demanding on your vehicle and skill, thick sand, dunes and extremely sharp rocky sections where caution is required.

Follow our 14 day journey through some of the finest country side South Africa…and maybe Namibia has to offer. There might even be a shipwreck or 2 we visit along the way.

In this the second part of the trail we end up camping in an amazing cave a Bakkrans, which is one of the most sort after camping spots along the Namakwa 4×4 eco trail, of which to get to you need to transverse the Nabib National park and cross over into the Richtersveld national park. We then venture down the west coast of South Africa to a small fishing town called Klein see which is always cold and windy, we only went to this town to enjoy the 4×4 shipwreck tour which is in diamond country and needs to be guided by a mine trusted guide with special permission to do so.

Our journey then leads us back north again into Namibia and then into one of South Africa’s best predator viewing game parks, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park.

Sit back and enjoy our journey 🙂

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  1. Nice area to visit it seems. Your cousin has quite a load on his Fortuner's roof. Do those older ones have a greater dynamic load than the newer ones which is only 80kg (which obviously includes your roof rack).

  2. What size fuel tank do you have? Do you carry extra fuel, and if so how much? I have an FJ cruiser with a 130 liter tank. I’m upgrading to a 200 liter tank. Which should give me a fuel range of +- 2000 kilometers. Would I need to carry extra fuel?

  3. I am running two Troopies in Côte d'Ivoire, a 2005 and a 2008. Drove the 2008 from Gibraltar to Côte d'Ivoire in 2008. Great vehicles and easy to work on for sure. Nice setup you have there.

  4. Hey I just Love your video, I have been dreaming to do a trip into Richtersveld to do a plant exploration as I just love succulents,I have been to SA before and really want to return. I am a single woman though so, wondering if you know some one that could come with me for a 10 day trip?? Just feel its too remote for me to do alone! any leads I would so appreciate. best wishes from Australia

  5. Great video, thanks – very informative. My wife and I leave Pta in Aug, and pretty much follow your tracks – except we'll pull out of the Namaqua 4×4 just after Goodhouse and head for Port Nolloth. Then head north into Richtersveld and then cross the border to the Fish RC. What route/border crossing did you take from FRC to Kgalagadi (and which campsite in the Kgalagadi)?

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