Why South Africa’s most important YouTubers have been not portion of the YouTubeZa tour…

Listed here is my presenting of the YoutubeZATour dearest viewers :).

Exclusive Thanks to Nwabisa dfoer the Photography.

Satisfied Bithday on the fifth odf Oct Molatsela Mncwah!

The JHB leg of the YouTubeZATour YouTubers:

Pap Society:

Cynthia Gwebu:

Sibu Mpanza:

Moyin/ The A1:

The Microwave Boys:

Thato Rampedi:

Michael Charge:

Vongai Mapho:

Zuziwe Gcuku:

Ok Wasabi:


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  1. I genuinely think that it was the bigger YouTubers that were involved in the event…Small YouTubers are not recognised in SA… But eventually I think when people know you is when they start involving you… But Thank you for showing us how the event went down.

  2. Thank you for the vid! We didnt even know there was something like Zatour! This is the beginning may be in the future more people would be invited! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤i am beginning to see toutube differently , maybe its worth investing time and energy and start creating something real foz as for me i was just exploring and i am amazed how my page has grown. You are amazing! Keep it up ❤

  3. Iyoooooooh Thando, the wai I had FOMO from missing this event….but pregnancy shenanigans got the best of me…..Looks like it was SO MUCH FUN….and I completely agree with Moyin when it comes to asking how one can be a part of it instead of just sulking about not being invited……Gosh, I hope there'll be another one soon…..xoxo

  4. yhoooo azange ndizingce kangaka. Yhooo hai mann does your mom know how much of a bomb blessing she has givem birth to. If i could hug i would give you a huge hug. Uyathandwa sithi ke Lovely ☺♥ kakhulu mann we really proud. When i say we I refer to my family Ongie and Kalone (my wife) NOW THEY UNDERSTAND why i obsess about you and nesasithandwa Miss Bee. Enkosi mann Sthandwa sam.

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