Why Ought to YOU Go Bicycle Touring in Europe? – EP. #24 #Germany #vacation

Save on your own time, cash and hard work… and understand what it takes to go bicycle touring wherever in the planet:

After assembly Bernd (age fifty four) on the south facet of the Transfagarasan highway in Romania, we cycled alongside one another for a day and then slept overnight in our tents at a modest area campground. The subsequent morning, we woke up and continued our bike tour alongside one another across japanese Romania towards Serbia. At the end of the video, Bernd points out (in German, I apologize) exactly where is he from (Koln, Deutschland) and why he selected to vacation across Europe on his bicycle.



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  1. I really enjoy your clips. The Romania ones remind me of my childhood car trips with my family.

    I like the fast editing, packs in info and gives a feeling/data without lingering too much. Then I like how you jump through all types of footage, sometimes just recording the trip and now the interview. An amazing feeling to this variety.

  2. Darren, It would be amazing if you could answer this as I am undertaking my first tour in a few months.

    How do you deal with hygiene? On a bike, you can't pack that many clothes, or shower etc. What happens when you are on a tour over a few days and go to eat somewhere for example…


  3. Hello how are you? very good your videos. The people (cyclists partners) who are
    in the video with you,are old friends or you met them on the trip?
    (My English is the google translator. Excuse me)

  4. Hi. .great video I love everything about the story's and all that you do..I know I got and email that u ask me if I knew a place in the world to tour where would I go? you ask..well I think you have cover a lot of beautiful places, but I would love for you to visit my island of Puerto Rico, I think you will be blown away with it beauty. .Thanks..keep it up bro

  5. I think he was explaining that he's done quite a bit of Europe so far from all points of the compass and that he'd like to do as many places as he can,maybe Asia as well, because he doesn't think that in ten years time he will be able or up for it, as he's getting older.

  6. Translation of what Bernd said after 3:25. Might not be perfect Is not perfect.
    Texts in [brackets] are added by me.

    My name is Bernd
    I am from germany, was born in Köln [cologne] and live near Essen, in the Ruhr-area.
    So why am i driving/cycling through europe?
    When the [berlin] wall fell, it was possible for us to travel to east too.
    I am still a child that has the wall in his head.
    One could always go/travel south, north, west, but never east [due to the wall and iron curtain].
    Now europe has become bigger for us.
    Europe is changing quite fast: romania, slovakia, poland, all are changing.
    And I thought to myself: Don't go to Thailand, france etc. those are all places you know, but romania no one knows, few know slovakia and hungary is unknown as well.
    So I thought to myself: Drive/cycle to the countries no one knows yet, and look at it how it still is in it's original state [not sure how to translate the last few words :/].
    In ten years it might all be different.
    That's why I'm travelling through this area, take a look at everything, meet nice people.. [laughing].. and am quite happy with the impressions I get here.

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