WHY I&#39M LEAVING THE British isles AND Transferring TO SPAIN (again) – The professionals of Spanish life | natalie danza #Spain #travel

Fascinated in stay in Spain? This video clip is for you! I am sharing my 5 best causes for shifting to Spain! I talk about what I uncovered from the 5 years I lived in Madrid and why I am shifting again to Spain (this time Malaga) soon after living in the British isles again for a yr. Do it even though it is really however reasonably simple – it is really much less than a yr right up until Brexit!

Professionals & Downsides OF Living IN SPAIN video clip:

Transferring TO SPAIN – MY Tale video clip:

Living IN SPAIN Q&A video clip:

Prime Recommendations FOR Talking SPANISH video clip:


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  1. The reason why people don't eat together for what I've seen is because he people rather alienate themselves rather than uniting, I live in Canada and do construction so we all eat together and shot the shit, but friends that work in offices say there is too much politics and too many sexual harassment lawsuits so people rather not get too close to anyone, plus is a bit more cut throat in offices cause you want to get to the top

  2. You are so inspiring. I have fallen in love with Spain and when I have finished my education I want to live in Madrid. I study Spanish as an A level and want to do my study abroad there, and then live there. So it’s really exciting following your journey and advice.

  3. Exactly, my sister used to live in Brighton for many years (which is super chilled out anyway as for the uk), and now she's been living in Barcelona last 9 years and she doesn't want to live elsewhere. Spanish is lovely and the quality of live is awesome, especially if you have your own business or freelance.

  4. really? Malaga is a shithole, i lived in the UK for 15 years, the UK is lot better country in all possible senses, salaries are better, manual jobs are really undervalued in Spain, eat alfresco is a bullshit reason, come to mt town and eat alfresco in between october and Jiune if you dare, your knowledge is based in cliches, the UK is a lot better country, i am Spanish by the way, Spanish people are conservative, judgemental, gregarious, lazy, cheats…. Brittish is a lot better, this country is a joke

  5. Gracias por decidir venir a estar entre nosotros. Desde este momento, quedas declarada Española del año. Embajadora de España en UK. Gracias de nuevo y bienvenida. Ya tenemos una hermosa inglesa entre nosotros.

  6. The fruit and veg thing is pants and you young lady have no clue… So next.. Okay the slower pace of life and you compare to London get real the rest of the bloody UK is not like LONDON.. So NEXT.. I'm realising you are a bimbo and a child.. However the last one is a real reason not the other shit 4.. But here's the thing you are young and still naive and maybe this will help and make you realise sometimes the grass is just as green from where you left.. You just didn't see it.. I to love Spain more than any other country except for India.. India is just the food capital of the world.. Yes I'd love to live there and I do speak and read Hindi but to move on a whim naa…
    मैं आपकी भलाई की कामना करता हूं te deseo lo mejor

  7. thank you for sharing your experience! I visited Madrid this year and fell in love with it! Now I`m actually thinking that I`d love to spend some time living there. Teaching English is something I have in mind. Would you suggest that obtaining a teaching certificate in Spain is a better idea vs. getting it in the Sates?

  8. I want to live In spain it just a different atmosphere and you get to see what you are missing out on . And in Spain people are just way more happier and calm. And people in England are just depressed and dark. But spain is colourful and beautiful

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