Why Dubai Built An Underwater Floating Train

Dubai has some of the richest people on the planet, and because they’re so much wealth, they create some of the most amazing projects! Billions of dollars are spent on awesome structures, like underwater trains!

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There’s no place on Earth quite like Dubai. It’s the hub of futuristic architecture, revolutionary technology, and a playground for creating the tallest, most luxurious skyscrapers that we’ ever seen. The ultramodern metropolis already has an endless list of world-renowned projects – the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, and the Dubai Frame, to name a few – but with Expo 2020 around the corner, there’s many more currently in production, ready to take the world by storm yet again. A trip to Dubai is like stepping into the future, and we’re about to show you exactly why.

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  1. May Allah bless the leaders of Dubai for the good work they are doing to develop the city. This is what we called good leadership and I hope one day In Shaa Allah, Allah permit me the chance to visit there In Shaa Allah.

  2. The first thing I think of is “ultimate luxury” and the one place you have to see to believe it. From camel racing to restaurants that look out over the gulf, just amazing! One problem they have is that they never planned for access to these urban islands, the only way to get across a street is by car.

  3. Meanwhile in America all our money is hiding in the " black budget" which is used to keep building military advancedments. If asked about it , the response is it doesn't exist

  4. With all the problems in this world that they could be spending their money on fixing it's just disgusting that they spend it this way when you have so much and do so little for the world ,
    it's disgusting

  5. Brought to you by the United Arab Nation which strives to take over the world. They haven’t treated women to well either. Check it out, and they were made rich, largely by the U.S. prosperity.

  6. Okay Dubai develop artificial gravity floors so you can flip your spinning Tower and all kinds of different rotations upside-down sideways. Ect.

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