Who needs to go to Southern Africa! || STEVE HARVEY

“Travel Mom” Emily Kaufman provides a single blessed audience member a summertime excursion to Botswana!

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  1. I wish the title said who wants to go to botswana!….I can't stand when we say africa, or southern africa. Africa is a continent and each country is so different from each other, it's the same way how americans talk about "europe" like its one country

  2. Botswana NOT Batswana… ''//O//'' NOT ''//A//'' Its ''BO'' not ''BA'' … Botswana is the name of the country,and Batswana are the people from Botswana,its like Americans in America…You cant say I want to visit a country called ''Americans'' cause you will be now indirectly referring to the citizens of a nation called ''America''…Its Botswana guys,a re tlogeleng bo tricky…laareng nkare le ratoo ithaareng yaana!!! We also have a small peri Rural Village here in Botswana called Sebina,if you mind to know…

  3. I wish to go to southern Africa at least once in my life, my family is from there, from the south of Angola more specifically and I've been fascinated by it every since I gained conscience of my ancestry. which was at like 3 years old ahah

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