White farmers killings in Africa | VPRO Documentary

In the countryside of South Africa, the white farmer is still at the helm, as if nothing had changed after the abolition of Apartheid. But there is unrest in the townships. How long can the farmers imagine themselves to be a chosen people?
When Bram interviews him, Julius Malema sounds pretty reasonable. White farmers do not have to be afraid, says the politician who started ANC for himself after a career in governing party ANC. Their knowledge is very valuable. He only wants to ensure through sales that much more land comes into the hands of black farmers.

Malema sounds slightly different on stage. He calls for example: If we have to die to claim our country, then that is only true. Or even: Shoot to kill! Kill the farmer! He gives a voice to the frustration that many blacks have. Twenty years after the abolition of Apartheid, little has changed in rural areas. Almost all the land is in the hands of whites. How do they themselves think about it?

In a village where Bram has been more often, the atmosphere is bitter. There has just been a robbery, the umpteenth. Every farmer has firearms, high fences and steel doors here. And there is patrolled at night. Are farmers the victims of ordinary crime, or are they conscious attempts to drive them from the land they have been living on for generations?

They are convinced of the latter themselves. A farmer’s wife: “They want to frighten us. They break in and wait until you come home. Then they shoot the man and rape the woman. “But these emigrants do not think of emigration. Not even after a violent robbery: “I was born here and I will be buried here.”

The black residents of the area are also embittered. Life is bad here, says a man. He has no job – the farmers prefer to hire servants from other countries in Africa, because according to them they work harder and do not drink. In the stone house that he received as compensation for a shooting, he can not flush the toilet due to lack of water. And through the fences that are everywhere in the surrounding country, he feels as if he is locked up. He also thinks he can not live anywhere else than here.

Does Julius Malema get his way and the white domination of the South African countryside becomes something of the past? For the time being, he certainly does not have the say, because at the elections in May this year his party won 6.35 percent of the votes. The ANC almost ten times as much, so that party is still supreme.

Straight Through Africa
Episode 2 – The promised land

In the South African countryside white farmers are still in charge, as if nothing has changed since Apartheid was abolished. But there’s unrest in the townships. How long can the farmers continue to consider themselves a chosen people?

Director: Doke Romeijn and Stefanie de Brouwer
September 2014

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  1. This ignorant statement of "we never stole the land, we bought it".. Guys, from whom did you buy the land from? from the democratically voted in government by all races? or from the apartheid evil government that ONLY allowed your grand parents to vote them in, while at the same time give them the power to forcefully remove as well as kill the majority people in the country who were the black people? You bought stolen land, that is the bottom line, the EFF is not saying let land be forcefully taken from the farmers, all its saying is that land must be government owned, where all active farms will stay with the current farmers, but this includes the 2 million acres of the zulu king who was also bribed with so that he can stop helping the whites who wanted a civil war in the 90's…. same way when the white government was the one zoning all land, it should be the same now, but with in a constitution…

  2. This is the most controversial issue that is so hurting for both parties, white and blacks. White farmers that I was staying next his farm was literally using the dogs and his bakkie to attack guys who were hunting near his fence as for the women he was whipping them with the rope or leather belt.
    I wanted to revenge at some point whenever I see the white man in a bakkie but I just said to myself at the time before I am atheist God will punish them little I knew that I am not alone.
    Their for fathers created it they suffered as now I comment this killings has subsided no more killings.

  3. Us American, Australian, European, Brazilian whites should marry these south Africans get them citizen ship then divorce them and let them be free away from this shithole continent.

  4. Just like that little Settlement called Orania. All the millions of blacks that have whole run of the Country! Still receiving Affirmative Action and Black Empowerment! Where basically it's legal to racially discrimination against Whites! Whites can't even earn a Laborers wage because they want every White completely impoverished and hopeless! Still Whites rise and are holding onto God! Nomatter how much you hate! White people will overcome and fulfill their destiny and it's not gonna be bowing down to no black man anywhere!

  5. This host has no regard for the families that went through this trauma and is totally disrespectful. If you want to make a documentary you should try to be a little less bias before you get here.

  6. Malema moet op pas wat hy se. Ek voorspel daar gaan 'n sifile oorlog wees tussen ons boere en die plaaslike regering. Los ons plaase uit. Ons sal julle op fok.

  7. S Ed who’s land ? It was either not occupied or belonged to the koi!

    Definitely not the Zulu!

    Without the whites SA will turn snd is turning in to z as shit hole!

    The black man had build nothing of substance.

  8. So you take land from africans, you lie and say you purshased it… i think we can tell thats bs. Now theres majority africans and slavery of blacks is 400+ years gone by and you think thats all supposed to be forgotten and forgiven…. good luck making that your opinion.

  9. the old black guy he speaks to, he asks him, 'who gave you the house?'. Not , oh you got lucky, oh you bought a house, this is the core problem, nobody is prepared to work for anything, want it all on a hand out

  10. SA only exists because of the white settlers there. Otherwise it would be just another Zimbabwe or graveyard for endless tribal genocide. I love black people but this is the reality.

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