Which voting system is the best? – Alex Gendler #Germany #travel

Dive into four different voting systems: plurality, instant runoff, tactical, and the Condorcet method, and find out which is fairest.

Imagine we want to build a new space port at one of four recently settled Martian bases, and are holding a vote to choose its location. Of the 100 colonists on Mars, 42 live on West Base, 26 on North Base, 15 on South Base, and 17 on East Base. Assuming that everyone wants the port to be closest to their home base, what is the fairest way to conduct the vote? Alex Gendler digs into voting systems.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, directed by Biljana Labovic.

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  1. It’s really strange I feel it’s bee working just fine up until this year? I feel certain that a lot of mail in votes were thrown away. The Democrats were celebrating way to early and the media was supporting them 100% not that how I see I was an out an out take over of the United States

  2. the criterion which make condorcet voting sound like it is flawed are pointless criterion. It's the legit way to find what the majority wants.

    In fact, having a party system to bandaid a plurality vote is pretty messed up. I can make everyone choose the winner I want by controlling the candidates: simply make my candidate different from the rest so he splits less votes.

  3. The movement for voting-system reform (or revolution) is tragically
    divided into two camps. One camp says, give us what we want in the
    single-winner case, that is the most important thing, and we won’t show
    any solidarity about seating legislators. The other camp is the other
    way around. They say, we will concentrate on optimizing voting for
    legislative seats, and we will throw the single-winner case under the
    bus. At least one of these camps and probably both are polluted by paid
    staffers, who experience a conflict between their interest in continuing
    to make a living off the movement and any interest in a campaign for
    democracy or democratic republicanism. [Hub copy of the above screed is at https://1787regime.wordpress.com/2021/01/10/movement-for-democracy-divided-and-conquered/%5D

  4. The presumption of meaningful democracy is that each vote carries roughly same weight. This may work in small groups like private clubs, academic societies, etc. In real world, good luck to find a voting system everyone would agree.

  5. In the lecture several types of voting method are explained by using a situation that settlers in Mars are going to decide where to build a new facility in Mars. In this situation there are four choices: the west, north, east or south place, and the number of the settlers are different in each place.
    The most simple way would be to just let each individual cast a single ballot, and choose the location with the most votings. This method is called "plurality voting" or "first past the vote." In this voting system; however, the residents in the west have the most advantage, and the location with fewer residents tend to be ignored. Therefore, this is not necessarily thought as the fairest way.
    In response, there is an alternative way that could replace the former one, called "instant runoff voting." It respects the full range of the people's preferences rather than just adopts their top choices. Yet, this doesn’t seem fair either.
    Instead of using these rankings, we could use multiple rounds voting, but it wouldn’t be enough. We need to consider every possible combination. This is know as the Condorcet method. However, this has still unfairness.
    What we could say is there is no perfect way that everyone can have the same benefits in.
    give up! X(

  6. The issue isn't "fairness" but "utility". The correct social welfare function is sum of net utilities. So you need to use voter satisfaction efficiency or Bayesian regret to measure accuracy. The generally best methods are STAR voting, score voting, and approval voting.

  7. When they talk about instant runoff voting/ ranked choice voting they assume that everyone picks a 2nd or more candidates. This is especially important when talking about political elections. I wonder if that would make it more fair.

  8. An idea. Instead of a single president ( or whatever you call your head of state), have a Council of, say, 20 people. You vote for your favorite party and then there’s proportional representation. Meaning if the party has 5% of the vote they already get 1 seat in the Council. Then the Council votes to make decisions

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  10. Also, fptp also encourages tactical voting. After all, you don't usually vote for the candidate you prefer, you vote for the candidate you prefer out of the two parties with a chance to win.

  11. Indian voting system is the best. Most transperant and secured against vote counting fraduds. The Electronic voting machine with a print out of the vote cast for view before it is dropped in a box to enable physical vote count any time. Every voter has voting card or Aadhar card to identify it. Only things to be added are 1) EVMs should be placed at every nook & corner in the open with only a cover to screen the the voting 2) The votes cast can be relayed to the center after a fixed time but without moving the machine. 3) The vote just inserts his election card or Aadhar card and votes. 4) Non-voters to be identified and fined. Repeated non-voting to attract 1-day prison term. 5) No one near the EVM voting table in the 50 ft radious. CRPF to guard the EVM centers 24 hours. A large number of EVMs will end the voting process in one day. 6) One can vote from anywhere i.e. from any EVM placed anywhere. His Aadhar card or voting card will decide his voting options. This system will be so effective that it can be implemented all over the world. The UN police or UN Army can oversee the voting centers in rogue countries.

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