What to Try to eat in Barcelona, Spain #Spain #journey

We used two weeks in Barcelona and ate everything we could get our arms on. We found out a ton of enjoyable areas, ate heaps of paella and tapas, drank gallons of vermouth, and requested persons about us what their favorite spots have been. We’re sharing it all with you in this video clip. Here’s what to take in in Barcelona, Spain. Try to eat it all. Google Map locations to all the areas under:

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Listed here are all the areas we ate, if you want the maps:

The Churros:
1. Xurreria Laietana –
2. Xurreria Banys Nous –

The Paella Location: Bloom –

The Chocolate Croissants: Forn de Sant Jaume –

The Japanese Man: La Bodegueta Barcelona –

The Vermouth Man: Bodega Vasconia –

And if you want to know a magic formula location we didn’t share in this video clip, but it was an totally incredible experience, we’ll share that in the 🌈 Rainbow Ladder Support Workforce month to month newsletter this month! )

We shot a bunch of photos from our journey as very well. I’m trying to understand images. Check out them out on our internet site and say nice points since I’m a sensitive artist with no abdomen for harsh terms. Plus I’m continue to trying to get rid of this croissant excess weight proper now 😀

This video clip did not have any paid out item placements in them or any comped meals. All of these tips are our personal.

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  1. I'm so happy to see you guys! Martina I hope you're happy and building your ladder. For the post couple of months I felt down, like mentally, no joy whatsoever in my work and everyday life. But I thought "I have to get through my feelings, see what causes it and just find things that make me happy and be able to look forward to next week, day, month whatever"

  2. Loved your video! I have to add Barcelona to my list. I can see my husband and I really enjoying that trip.
    Also, you can visit Puerto Rico! I visited last month and I loved the food! Could not get enough ! ❤️

  3. If you ever get the opportunity to return to Spain, and I really hope you do, try visiting the south of Spain. Its a stunning mountainous landscape with some of the most amazing beaches and food (including that paella you mentioned and the most AMAzing tapas culture). I'm really happy that Europe has been such an interesting/enjoyable place for you two to visit and I hope you continue to explore.
    As an aside I've observed that a lot of north American/Canadian culture seems to be somewhat homogeneous. I imagine in part thanks to the pillaging of whatever native culture there was, and the huge emphasis on the collective "american" identity. New York and Las Vegas are certainly different, and natives to the state can differentiate between themselves and their neighbours, the huge amount of culture that has been allowed to flourish in Europe has resulted in a huge amount going on in very tiny countries.
    If you ever go to the UK its very obvious that a few miles can result in an almost unrecognisable accent and a gargantuan amount of local history, the UK is a lot more than overpriced coffee and the Queen as London seems to suggest, so to anybody reading this I'd very much suggest visiting the lake district/welsh valleys/Scottish highlands as they are some of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever had the pleasure of viewing.

  4. You should go to Vienna, Austria! They have a huge coffee house culture and lots of chocolate. The scenery is beautiful and the food is to die for. They have their own wine culture called a heurigen that super cool!

  5. Hello Simon and Martina,

    your questions is hard to answer, Europe is big and divers, what is if you like to visit three Capitals within 300 km on one River, like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest on the Danube? What if you would like to visit some countries of the beaten path, like Albania, Mazedonia after a short trip to Athens? And then there is Helsinki, as I know a hub for flights to Japan, from the you can visit the other scandinavian Countries and there Capitals! There is my own country, Germany, so what about Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg? And Simon, your ancestors are from Poland, so there is Warzawa, Krakowa, Wroclaw, Poznan… so maqy things to do.. I hope I gave you some ideas.

    Greetimgs Martin.

  6. I just noticed how long I have known Simon and Martina … I discovered their channel basically 1-2 years after they moved to Korea and have been on and off with the channel since. Now I return to watch it some more – and it somehow feels like coming home. Still the smooth friendlyness I knew from many years in the past. Thank you for your videos and your traveling. 🙂

  7. This video really brightened my mood today. I've been a grumpy pants the last few days because I've been sick but this really lifted my spirits. I think no matter where you go in Europe you'll have a good time but I think you should either go to Portugal, Hungry or Iceland (not really a part of Europe but it would still be cool).

  8. Go to Germany and the beer spa… Where to sit in a Jacuzzi full of beer and have fresh German beer on tap! Also if you do Crystal Wisen and Nacht (I'm sorry if I spelled those incorrectly ) are some beer to try. My parents lived in Germany for a while and those were their favorites!

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