What to do in Berlin on a Sunday #Germany #journey

What to do in Berlin on a Sunday? This vlog is from day 2 and 3 on our Berlin excursion. Katrine and I explore that every thing is shut on Sundays in Berlin, and we stroll about to see grafitti and to hunt amazing marketplaces. I hope that you take pleasure in the vlog!


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Eric Reprid – Arrive Back again To Earth



  1. Hey this might sound like a weird thing to request but could you plesse take out the segment of
    you walking through the Holocaust memorial with the happy music in the background from the intro of this video? I really like the style if the intro, it summerises your days and Berlin quite well as an intro, I just think the Holocaist memorial is just not a good thing to underlie with happy music. Like the music chose for the death stripe clip was way better chosen. I hope you understand. Thank you 🙂

  2. Ahhh found Alice Phoebe Lou! She's super amazing and currently on her second world tour, just released her album Paper Castles! You're so lucky you saw her play the streets, she hasn't done that in aages cause she had stalker problems 🙁 all the power to that one!

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