What Shoes to Choose to Europe – 5 Procedures for the Suitable Shoes #Germany #travel

Browse the Current Blog on the Ideal Shoes & Procedures for Shoes When You Travel to Europe:

Feminine Travel Tips on What Shoes to Choose for Your Excursion to Europe. No matter whether you are heading to Paris, London, Rome or any place Jocelyn provides you her 5 Procedures of Shoes for Europe.
What Shoes Should really I Choose to Europe? Shoe Tips for Touring?
Filmed in Paris, France
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  1. The best shoes I ever had, I bought while traveling in Whales. I brought horrible shoes and had to buy something more comfortable. These shoes have ended up going with me everywhere. Before then, I would never have bought shoes while traveling.

  2. I am most comfortable in running sneakers so it is what I wear in cities and boots in the mountains. Most thieves know what to look for in a target so I rather just be comfortable and ready to walk 10-15 miles a day.

  3. I’m a runner, going to run a half marathon. WEARING RUNNING SHOES! You’re an idiot! I wear the correct shoes for my feet. Not the other way around. You’re welcome!

  4. Good video, but I'm a guy that wears a size 17 shoes. Athletic shoes are really my only option. As 6 foot 8 and almost 300 pounds, I figure I'm going to stand out in Europe no matter what I have on my feet, and I should worry about being comfortable more than worrying what other people think about it. Am I wrong?

  5. I am not American, but always bring running shoes. I make 25-30km per day while do touristic life, because in my opinion only walking can give you a real feeling of a place where you are. I do not think such distances are walkable in other shoes. So, I think you are overrating the problem of shoes. Not only Americans, many people bring running shoes. As for Americans, I would suggest them to pay more respect to other people`s traditions and lifestyles. I know, you do! Like any expereinced traveller, not depending on nationality.

  6. As a European I'm finding the comments here so funny – I've never seen a video by a European on what shoes to wear when visiting the USA – I wonder why.

  7. WHAT THE HELL , stop making up rules Man…I've never heard so much bollox, I've watched Tons if your videos today, and I'm constantly surprised about how much shit you talk. You're super ignorant and just make things up….. seriously man it's baffling. I've spent my whole life hopping around Europe and almost none of what you say is true. Absolutely astonishing.

  8. Good grief, so many salty people in the comments section! It's an advice video, follow it or don't. Sheesh! Any way, my own tips I've figured out for myself are invest in good quality socks, buy half a size up if the shoe doesn't rub while walking, bring a flat shoe and a shoe with a bit of heel to switch between, sit down whenever you can to rest your feet, the rub on blister protectant works if applied liberally at the start of the day, plan your schedule out to front load the majority of your walking if possible, and decide on either black or tan shoes to plan your outfits more easily and to have your shoes match whatever your wear. Thanks for video!

  9. I think whatever shoes you wear is fine as long as they don't stand out like colorful once. what matters is it match on your attire besides people don't usually look at shoes rather it's on the person's face after all unless you're kind of weird who walks while looking at the ground lol

  10. Here just wear a pair of runners like not blue asics but just get sommin outa jd cuz if you wear converse the whole time in europe ur socks will be drownded in 10 minutes flat

  11. Americans have terrible footwear etiquette in general. I had a girl in Seattle turn up to a first date in flip flops. And American men wear absolutely appalling shoes. Can spot them a mile off in London

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