What Kruger National Park is Like | South Africa

Let’s go safari in Africa! Kruger National Park is one of the premiere safari parks in all of Africa. It has an incredibly diverse selection of animals and terrain, and we spent 4 days here. We saw lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes and so much more. AND our guide Lloyd was INCREDIBLE!

Book a tour with Lloyd: safariitravelco@gmail.com (tell him I sent you!)
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  1. I visit the park regularly, although rhinos are endangered, they aren't a very rare sighting … Seeing a baby giraffe would be less commen than a white rhino …
    Regardless you did see some cool things 🙂

  2. I love Kruger besides from the elephants (I still adore elephants!) because I am a bit scared of them cuz one time we got sort of charged by one! That is why we now go to a different game reserve called Kamonande, it is so small that they can’t have elephants in it! We still go to Kruger sometimes thougj

  3. Loved this video! Thanks for sharing. I was just there in Dec/Jan as I have family near Jo'burg and it was amazing. Can't wait to go back, and can't wait to drink one of those Sahara beers again too! So delicious but not available in the States from what I can tell. Thanks again! You should check out my cover photo on Facebook which shows a saying about Kruger Park that I got on a tshirt from there 🙂

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