We’re All Boers Now: Gradual-Motion Genocide In South Africa & What You Can Do About It – Wolf Age

The drama unfolding in South Africa just isn’t just violence from whites, it can be creeping genocide – and components of the authorities are involved. Steve McNallen recounts his very own activities in South Africa as he provides us the details and tells us what we need to do to aid South African whites.

Wolf Age is a collaboration amongst Stephen McNallen and Red Ice.

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  1. The Jews who run our effing culture told us that they hate Christianity, Love barbaric Muslims, and hate “white” people. So if the effing blacks EAT the white people in SA, our idiot white people cannot complain lest the SJW call them racists? And when our rented Muslim thugs in Syria behead Christians, our stupid Christian people cannot complain lest the SJW call them anti-Semitic or Islamophobe?

  2. Funny how the US becomes the police man of the world when it comes to the middle east for alleged unjust acts in Syria but when it comes to other unjust acts such as whites being oppressed and genocided in SA its none of our business; or our "conservative" leaders really are too afraid to stand up against the anti-white black ruled government of SA because the Jews will screech all over the media some how turning the tables calling whites racist despite blacks being racist against whites in SA. It should be obvious of this double standard to most by now that if whites stand up against anti-white racism some how talmudic rationale has brain washed people into thinking that it is wrong for whites to defend themselves.

  3. From a white grandfather in cape town. Your information is factually accurate. I am not a racist. I fought, shoulder to shoulder with black patriots while the Angolan border was raging and we all loved our country. I want to thank you for an excelent video. A video that can alert the rest of the world that that there is a war on white people. More here now than ever. And you are right, it's not all black people, just those who seem to be in power. Thank you so much.

  4. You want us to feel bad for the whites, why? They don't fight back, they don't kill the police who are helping the blacks, you whites allow a white woman to serve 2 years in prison for saying a racist word. Wtf. Smuggle guns into the country and become a white freedom fighter. Kill as many blacks in Parliament and in the government as you can before they kill you. If not then piss off coward

  5. I do not disagree with the video, except to say U.S. citizen's money is not the solution to White African's problem with their African government. U.S. government's criminal use of money is the problem in America, Africa, and worldwide. The U.S. government has unconstitutionally armed, funded and fed Communist for over one hundred years and U.S. citizens have reelected a majority of U.S. Incumbent Lawmakers of Congress every two years. Before U.S. citizens can help the world they must first fix the unconstitutional, corrupt and criminal U.S. government. Gentiles in America, and world wide are being annihilated as instructed by the God of the OT.

  6. Does anyone care that Richard Spencer just got removed from facebook and instagram? No more altright.com no more national policy institute. Loving your own race is now considered hate. Yet the hate group SPLC, which is based entirely on hate, is allowed to persist and dictate internet censorship policy.

  7. A racist and a conspiracy theorist what a surprise, oh and you didn't travel the continent, you were put there intermittently during the summer for soldier of fortune.

  8. Black selfishness envy jealousy and greed is what ruins everything their ignorant violent asses touch! Let them consume themselves! LEAVE WHITE S.A.'S AND LET THEM STARVE!!!!!!!

  9. Red Ice TV & Stephen McNallen Another zionist judaic masonic gnostic goats club, (a.k.a. neo-conservative oligarchs) chess game, but yet you never mentioned this! Why? Also, why is a 'blonde' teenage daughter relevant in your video presentation? If she had black hair, would you have stated, '…black teenage daughter…?' MMM. &, you never reveal any research investigation as to who is financing the terror squads supported by anti-white governments, and who they're being financed by? Also, who finances the corporations suidlanders? who finances south africa project? & the living waters foundation? Stephen, this is a very poor quality video presentation indeed and all you and Red Ice TV have successfully achieved in the comment section is incited violence with slurrs and slander from most individuals who know absolutely nothing as to what is occurring in south africa, or probably the rest of the world. Hey Ho, Hey Ho…Happy Days Indeed.

  10. The MSM must be made up of self-haters. Most of these people seem to be white, yet they do nothing to help the white people of South Africa. Is it that they really are Jews that want to take control of the world and be the puppet masters controlling things and they don't consider themselves to actually be white? I have seen that written in many, many places. I'm not sure what the correct answer is but I can assure you that if many of these black South Africans saw them walking down the street, they surely will consider them to be "white" and will do to them what they have been doing to white South African farmers. Maybe we have gotten to the point in which we are better off living in self-segregated areas. Our worldwide diversity experiment doesn't appear to be working and like anything else that is forced upon others, it isn't holding up in the long run. When people go into a new environment, such as school, prison or any other similar place, most people end up gravitating to their own kind. In prison we see whites with whites, blacks with blacks, etc., etc.. It doesn't make anyone wrong or racist, it's human nature. Why anyone has put this great "test" of diversity upon the world is beyond me. It obviously isn't working. Sure, there are great people from all walks of life BUT we ALL have differences and most people have very strong opinions about their own race. I keep hearing about diversity being a great thing. Why? Why is diversity a great thing? Hey, I love trying different foods and different music and different styles, etc.. At the end of the day, I am most comfortable around my own people, my own food and my own holidays and traditions. People, in general, are more comfortable amongst their own kind. Why have we been pushed towards this mass diversity test? Let people do and live where they want. If I am more comfortable among certain people and traditions, then I will fight harder and work harder to make that area great. When you go to a nation that is made up of people that have mostly the same lifestyle and traditions, those people are much closer than people that live in diverse areas. People ar happier amongst their own kind and that goes for just about everyone and everywhere. Stop forcing us to mix. Look at the school system in the US. When students were forced into school busing back in the 60's, it was deemed a success. Look at those schools when they were mostly white and look what happened to them a decade or so later. These schools went from being good schools that were kept in very nice condition to schools that became low in scoring, the buildings themselves are falling apart with graffiti everywhere and in too many of these schools good has imitated bad, bad has not imitated good. Why can't people admit that the good people generally start behaving like the bad people? Very rarely do the bad people start following the good people and that has to be recognized as the norm. Stop polluting all the good things in the world with situations in which the good concepts are going to be overtaken by the bad concepts and options. Admit the truth. We need to be honest and just admit that overall, diversity doesn't work as well as self-segregation. Sure, there are many people that love to live and work in a diverse situation but generally speaking, most people prefer to be with their own. The other option is that many people don't mind perhaps working in a mixed environment but at the end of the day, these people want to live in an area that is made up of people that are most like them. They want their kids attending schools made up of other kids that are like their own. They want people that celebrate the same holidays and traditions and share the same religions and have other similar backgrounds. BE HONEST PEOPLE………IT'S NOT A BAD THING AND IT'S NOT A RACIST THING. IT'S A COMFORT THING. THAT'S OK. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU COME FROM. Mistakes were made in the past but you are not responsible for any mistakes that were made in the past. Put that false guilt aside and make your family and yourself comfortable​ and happy where you are today. God Bless us all. God Bless us all.

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