Welcome to TUHH: A tour of the Technological College of Hamburg #Germany #journey

Willkommen zur Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg! :=)

For everybody who is new to the university, I hope this video clip allows you in acquiring the to start with idea of the university. The Technological College of Hamburg or the TUHH is a young university which is developing largely on the directions of sustainability. The university frequently carries out subject to increase its carbon footprints and much more setting welcoming. All that aside, it also has an unbelievable pupil assist and allows the pupils as a result of all the walks of their lives. Be it psychological counselling or session for learning overseas, you can do all of it with a good ease at TUHH.

If you are coming to TUHH this time or are arranging to occur below, I welcome you! Will not forget to say Hi, as soon as you are below. 🙂

Accommodation place of work can help you a good offer, if you are striving to uncover an condominium for you and nonetheless have not had a good luck. Here is the link for Acco-TUHH:

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