Watch Dogs: Legion | Mexico Microsoft Store £34.91 #traveldeals

£34.91 – Microsoft (Microsoft Store)
MTC Game 2x 300 and 1x 200

This game takes advantage of Smart Delivery, which allows access to the title for Xbox One on October 29 and for Xbox Series X and S on November 10. Form a resistance with just about anyone you come across, as you hack, infiltrate and fight to save London from debacle in the near future. We welcome you to the Resistance. Choose anyone as your character or to recruit them. Each person has their own story, personality, and abilities. Hack armed drones, deploy spider robots and take out your enemies using an augmented reality cloak of concealment. Explore a huge urban open world with famous London locations and fun side activities. Connect with your recruits and team up with your friends to complete challenging missions and content.

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