Vodafone Basics SIM 8GB Data + unlimited Calls & Texts £8pm @ Uswitch #traveldeals

£8 per month
12 month contract
8GB Data
Unlimited Calls
Unlimited Text
No Roaming

What’s included
UK data, minutes and texts
An allowance to use data, call standard UK mobiles and landlines (starting 01, 02 or 03), and standard texts to UK mobiles – when using your mobile in the UK. You can also make calls to 08 and 118 numbers, but these aren’t included in your plan, so please remember that they are subject to an additional charge. You can find more information on this in the Additional Charges table.

UK plan
Vodafone Basics plans are for use in the UK. Roaming is unavailable on all Vodafone Basics SIMs as standard.
Only emergency calls are available abroad.

Your Vodafone Basics SIM can be used to share your device’s data allowance with another device at no extra charge. You can even tether or hotspot all of your data to other devices if you want.

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