VLOG: WALKING WITH LIONS | South Africa Safari Travel (part 2)

Here’s part 2 of my South Africa travel vlog. Walking with lions at the Ukutula conservation center and it was so surreal to be so close to these incredible animals. I will never forget this experience!!! Just watching this makes me scared haha and looking back if I fully knew what was gonna happen I probably would have not been able to do it..so enjoy this thrilling video as I talk you on a walk with lions in the savannah.

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  1. Also, there is an article on The Dodo by Beth Jennings about her experience volunteering at this place ( Ukutula). You can read about it on her website : http://www.claws-out.com. People, do your research before contributing to the exploitation and abuse of these magnificent creatures! How would you feel knowing that the little lion cub you took that selfie with ended up in a zoo or being hunted in a canned hunt? Because that's what is going on here.

  2. After a bit of research, I found out the dark secrets of this place, Ukutula "Conservation" Center. According to The Voluntourist ( http://www.iamthevoluntourist.com), one should avoid all breeding farms with a lot of cubs and a lot of older male lions as these are signs of connection to canned/trophy hunting. And apparently Ukutula is connected to a canned hunting farm called Kunkuru Safaris. The lions start disappearing from Ukutula when they are 2 to 3 years old and can no longer be used for " walks ". The owners refuse to disclose the buyers of these lions. In the article " Ethical Animal Sanctuaries in Africa to Volunteer At and Ones To Avoid", Ukutula was one to avoid.

  3. As much as I would love nothing more than to be close to such magnificent creatures, I think this whole idea of walking with lions is a recipe for disaster. First, it is not natural for wild animals to be so close to your average person. Maybe for people who work with animals at a sanctuary or something like that, but to promote this kind of tour seems very wrong to me. What do they do to the lions to get them to be so tolerant of strange people coming to walk with them? What if something were to go wrong and one of the lions attacked one of the "clients"? Would the lion be shot? This kind of "tour" seems to be similar to that of riding an elephant. It's a moneymaker. I am against exploiting animals and I feel as if that is what they are doing here. Can't we just respect these beautiful beings and admire them from afar? Let them live as close to a natural life as possible. After all, don't we want the same thing?

  4. Music is awesome, it goes perfect with the lions running out of enclosure. I so very much hope to GOD this is not a front to look like its a real conservation that helps lions live a good health life. Because nowi learned that cub petting places r really breeding farms that once they run out of room the old lions r thrown to be shot to death in the EEEVIL CANNED HUNTING INDUSTRY. It will break my heart if this is REALLY A breeding farm.

  5. How much does it cost to go there, stay there? Wow, GORGEOUS COLORED LIONS, STUNNING, I LOVE LIONS SO MUCH!!!thos evil sick hunters!!! How could they think its fun to kill these GORGEOUS FASCINATING ANIMALS!!!???

  6. Oh my goodness! this is something on my "bucket list" It must have been soooo incrediblly amazing! and to think at any second you all could have been those lion's dinner. Did they teach you how to use the Safety Stick? I mean that could of been dinner too! SO crazy!!! I've been wanting to go to South Africa for sooooo long now!

  7. Amazing ! what an experience… those beauties are so BIG ! .. how anyone would want to go shoot these majestic creatures is beyond me… this reserve looked so spacious and well run… very cool !!!

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