VLOG | Lets go to Valencia! Spain Vacation Vlog #Spain #travel

Hello there Men! How the devil are you all!

I am so happy to take you on this mini adventure to Valencia in spain! I love using you guys alongside on travel vlogs with me, its so enjoyable to seem again on the happy recollections & wonderful sights!

Valencia is a beautiful town, and I would love to come again and check out a very little bit a lot more when the temperature is a very little a lot more sunny!

In any case I hope you enjoyed this travel vlog!

Ill see you all incredibly before long!
YOU DA Very best





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  1. I love that you've included your travels with your YT followers! Everyone needs a reminder to explore new places to refresh your soul, recharge yourselves, find inspiration everywhere! TFS

  2. Thank-you for saying that about the animals in the aquarium….I agree, I was feeling sad seeing them….they look droopy and unhappy and should be in the wild. I imagine myself being kept in an equivalent caged structure for my life and I wouldn’t like it and, I know it’s wrong for them, too, just as zoos are wrong and unnecessary.

  3. Brilliant vlog, Valencia looks beautiful! Although I can't believe the club didn't even open until 1am, I must be getting old. Agree about the aquariums, peaceful but leaves me feeling a little uneasy.

  4. It usually rains during one out of three Semana Santa’s, wish someone had told you! Mostly any other time of the year, Valencia has such a great weather! Hope you had a great time anyway, and to see you in Madrid sometime :3

  5. I am so glad you took us along with you. However, you looked so sad at the end talking about the aquarium. I feel the same way but just know that most of the animals in zoo's and aquariums would not survive in the wild. This is either due to illness or injury or those born directly into captivity.

  6. Beautiful city! I would love to go maybe one day. Loved the video of the aquarium but it is a little hard sometimes with the bigger animals and birds at the zoo. I had a bird as a pet and I felt like a horrible person (like 10 years ago) I will never have a pet again that cant just live free like my dogs.

  7. tfs…loved that clip of all the umbrellas in the narrow street, and the poor woman with the broken brolly! Looks like a lovely part of the world and your airbnb was very swanky

  8. I share your feelings about aquariums. They are impressive and stunning and it's so soothing to visit but I always feel a pinch in my heart, too. I can no longer visit zoos, the last time I did there was one elephant standing there alone and although it's been over a decade I still tear up just thinking about it.

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