VISITING SOUTH AFRICA: 3 years later, after living in Canada

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First visit back to Cape Town, South Africa after 3 years!The amazing time we had with friends and family enjoying South Africa. Going out to our favourite spots, reconnecting and experiencing beautiful South Africa! I went back to South Africa at a time when I felt I was ready, mentally, and because of this, I felt the trip was an amazing experience. I had so much fun revisiting Cape Town and my beautiful city!

Cheap food, great wine and the best mountain ever, of course….!
Special little clips of my favourite spots..(don’t cry!)

You’re welcome,
Much love

A South African girl living in Canada
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  1. I'm a Nigerian but this is the most positive vibe video I've ever seen on YouTube. You're a beautiful soul, I watch many depressive video of White leaving SA with very negative things to say about SA. But the quality of in SA is better than anywhere in the world

  2. Honestly I was waiting a video from you bashing the hell of that land. I don't want to name some names here but when y'all listening to their reviews/ videos y'all wouldn't step a foot there;).
    Glad I landed on yours.

  3. Just found out we are expected baby nr 4 and it was my ah-ha moment for taking the leap. Been playing with the idea for ages, but we need to do it now. We live in Lesotho, because I refuse to go back to SA.

  4. We’ve been in NZ for just over a year and can relate. Haven’t been back yet but feel exactly the same way about returning for a visit, anxious. NZ already feels like home, it’s amazing how quickly you can feel at home in another country and you think 14 hours is a long flight, try over 20! I really enjoyed your honesty, great vlog.

  5. Trying to convince the wifey to consider canada.. after covid caused australia plans to flop..
    I am also more eligoble and can find work easier there..
    Got my own business here in south africa.. and there is some potential to make good money here next year…
    But yeah.. too paranoid to live.. stuck indoors in jhb where its safe..

  6. You should import goodies if there's a market for it! Chat with Ruby or Nadine at Wesgro (Western Cape's trade and investment promotion agency) to connect you with exporters. I really enjoy your vlogs. I'm in the exploratory phase right now – the opportunity for my two daughters is the biggest driver so I can relate in that respect.

  7. Thanks for he videos, your previous ones are very informative…my wife and i are using your videos to help us get over, English tests booked, academic conversion is in process, cant wait to get over and find a job #have a degree but no job or even opportunity thanks to BBBEEE, cant wait to come over 🙂

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