Visit the Spanish Cathedral Within a Mosque #Spain #travel

In Córdoba, Spain, the Mezquita stands as a house of many faiths, a site of religious significance for Catholics and Muslims alike. Originally dedicated to the Roman God, Janus, the temple was later transformed into a mosque as Córdoba came under Moorish rule. Nearly five hundred years later, as the town was conquered by Christians, the Mezquita was once more converted into a church. Four centuries later, a cathedral was constructed within the center of the structure, becoming a home for Córdoba’s practicing Roman Catholics. Today, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, millions of tourists flock from all over the world to tour the awe-inspiring artistry and Islamic architecture.


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  1. This architectural and literary art resulted from a collaboration between the various religions of that time in Spain ☪️✝️✡️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Almost all of the church’s In Spain where original Mosques but sadly Muslims where killed in Spain in that time because they where not catholic. So you see some nice church’s in Spain REMEMBER they where mosques first

  3. Once you visit the Cathedral and the ex-mosque, go to Bodegas Mezquita or Patio Romano nearby, and treat yourself to the best ham in the world with very good and inexpensive red wine, and submerge yourself in the beautiful Spanish atmosphere.

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