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Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Granada, a city with the snow capped 3500 meter high Sierra Nevada in a truly
amazing background. The main reason why tourists visit this place year by year is Alhambra, the jewel build of stone.

Visit the City of Granada in Spain

“If you haven’t seen Granada, you haven’t seen anything.” the saying goes. The city with the snow capped 3500 meter high Sierra Nevada in the background is truly amazing. However, the main reason why tourists visit this place year by year is Alhambra the jewel build of stone.

The architects made the dreams of the Arabian Nights in this group of buildings, everything that can be fancied by the imaginative people of the orient, pump, luxury and beauty. The buildings on the garden are in perfect harmony with each other and with the landscape. In the age of the moor, the Alhambra functioned as a place and a barrack for soldiers. It was made of complete oil city by minarets – , cemeteries and stables.

Only the royal residences were preserved with the present. Even these are different from palaces meant by western terminology. They have no unified façade, shaft, and cemetery. The array of one or two floors set of rooms around the inner court yard is connected by a complex system of corridors.

The stalactite volt of Sala De Los Hermanas is comprised of 5000 small box-like cells. Its walls are ornamented by quotations from the Koran and the buildings around the Court Of The Lions with the accommodation for the wives, children and all the elderly.

The architect exploited the panoramic view in their design as well as the plants and the water that maybe seen from the arch windows. The inner courts are ornamented with fountains, lakes, cools, water jets, nicely trimmed shrubs, avenues and palm trees.

Granada, among many other spectacles, the famous cathedral must be seen which was made by the same artists who were the makers of the Mallorca Cathedral. The sepacore of Catholic, Isabella and Ferdinand makes a lasting impression on the spectator. The art work made of Carrara marble looks as if it was a white wedding bed with a couple lying on it.

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