Visit Cartagena – Murcia (Spain). Tourism charming #Spain #travel

The program Cartagena Port of Cultures tackles joins the celebration of World Tourism Day by launching a series of initiatives called to the attention of audiences of all ages, so you can enjoy family of those sites, centers interpretation and museum spaces offered by the city.

Take the time to visit the Museum of the Roman Theatre, the Neighborhood of the Roman Forum, the Castillo de la Concepción, Fort Christmas, the Punic Wall, the Decuman or the House of Fortune.

Cartagena’s history is tied to its strategic importance. Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans made ​​their capital seaport trade metals such as silver, lead and zinc. His military interest has made ​​it a key location in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. His seafaring tradition has given the city of Murcia, of 215,000 inhabitants, numerous monuments and some inventions such as Isaac Peral submarine. The historical heritage is so rich that he has given very interesting pieces to museums in the city.


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