View Reside | In studio with News24 at SONA 2020

News24 senior political reporter Tshidi Madia will guide coverage from our studio on Stalplein in front of the National Assembly at Parliament, in which she will be joined by News24’s editor-in-main Adriaan Basson.

Our stay stream commences at seventeen:thirty, when Madia and Basson will preview the speech and focus on what the genuine point out of South Africa is.

Ramaphosa’s speech will be streamed stay from 19:00, and Madia and Basson will analyse the speech stay in-studio alongside ministers and MPs as they arise from the Dwelling. For this story and extra, check out News24:


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  1. If there no farmers-we pay more for food to other whites outside this country&poor suffer again.If the whites with
    their businesses go overseas,who going to work to pay tax-for grants,houses&pension &health???Poor going to suffer AGAIN.Stop helping him because he think with backside&Backwards thinking.More violence in this country-the Tourists stay away-less money once AGAIN.Why do you help this guy destroy all the good things we DO have???Come on .Use the whites&everyone that you nag about to make this country go forward.Who going to generate money when all leave???

  2. Distract

    People dont put your hearts on this people or what they say they will do… What is it that they've planned, told you and did? they all under one team… just playing out to us what they've been planning /practicing all along.

  3. EFF speak on my behave, I voted EFF… I don't really care what the old people have to say, they look like they might drop down and die anytime like uGatsha so! They had their time in parli and it's been nothing but waste, we have few more years in our lifespan and it's up to the youth to fix this country.

  4. Thandi Modise is absolutely correct. I don't know if any South African can be proud of some of these individuals behaviour in the House. The only aim of the EFF is to disrupt. The presiding officers are way too patient. The minority is once again imposing their will on the majority. EFF members complain about Apartheid and how the minority abused the majority of the country, but they are doing the same. You cannot complain about the atrocious things from the past and then you infringe on the right we currently have. I'm definitely not in favor of many parts of president Ramaphosa's SONA, but that does not mean that I didn't want to hear his points.

  5. The white man is A KNOWN MURDERER, TORTURER, RAPIST, LIAR, THIEF and he sits in the "parliament" exposing the truth. That truth is NOTHING HAS CHANGED, the white man is still doing what he has always and his servants are in office.

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