Vietnam Motorbike Special Element 1 – Top rated Gear – Series 12 – BBC #Germany #travel

Element a single of two. Jeremy starts to get pleasure from his Vespa on the highway to the Historic Funds of Hue, and Richard is furious when James and Jeremy make a decision to give his bike a makeover.

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  1. The best episode ever. A good friend of mine and I love this Vietnam bike episode the best. When ever it came on we would call each other to tell it's on. My friend died 3 years ago and ……… I'll watch it for him. Thanks Top Gear and my friend Mark. I sure miss all of you. I'm a professional model ship builder 24 years now. So funny watching that poor ship being destroyed.

  2. most of the things they did were scripted throughout most of top gear, with many brilliant improvised unexpected treasures, one being the girl who goes nuts and starts spray painting everyone bikes pink, and we all know alot of it is scripted and set up, but who cares, james, richard and clarkson are 3 of the best actors on planet earth, they played their parts to absolute perfection for like 11 years. Best unintentional comedy program of all time.

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