Viennetta Biscott Caramel 650ml for £1 #traveldeals

Reduced price for this limited edition Viennetta.

Was £1.85, now £1

Treat yourself with our delicious Viennetta Biscuit Caramel ice cream dessert. This limited edition flavour is an indulgent combination of vanilla and caramel flavour ice creams layered with crisp caramel flavour layers, golden biscuit layers and irresistible caramel flavour pieces. It is the perfect dessert to share with family and friends. Our delicious Viennetta Biscuit Caramel frozen dessert is made without artificial colours. Viennetta is a truly unique ice cream dessert, its iconic shape is created with caramel and vanilla flavour ice creams interlaced with golden biscuit and crisp caramel flavour layers. Viennetta is part of the Wall’s ice cream family, alongside other tasty treats like Soft Scoop and Cream of Cornish. First created in 1982 it has been a family favourite ever since. Like many of our other delicious products, our indulgent Viennetta Biscuit Caramel ice cream is made in Gloucester. Our Viennetta Biscuit Caramel ice cream is the perfect, frozen dessert for both family and special occasions. Viennetta is a must-have staple in your freezer, you will always find yourself wanting more – one slice is never enough! Try a Viennetta today and experience the delicious taste of this ice cream treat for yourself. If you like Viennetta Biscuit Caramel, why not try our other iconic flavours? Including Viennetta Vanilla or Viennetta Mint ice cream dessert.

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