Very just … a rant …. South Africa

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  1. Scott do you really think that the ANC government cares about the coloured gangs in the Cape? DA run Cape? The Succession area minorities are aiming for?? No the Sandf deployments are practice for, weapons confiscation, the clearing of homes, road blocks and arrests of non compliant citizens.. under the false banner of the gangster problem. The government doesn't like competition…

  2. Scott check out William Shockley, Richard Harrnstein,Charles Murry, Philippe Rushton,Author Jensen on and on . The answer to the question is clear and has been made worse by dysgenics some things are considered Taboo with remedies even more Taboo.

  3. The eff are real dumb commies blaming apartheid and Jan van Riebeeck,the Russian commies like Lenin did not blame the Tsar for bad infrastructure. Lenin tried to build new infrastructure .

  4. The Koisan came from the Kalahari. They were trekkers. They did not own the land. They came down the west coast. They never settled anywhere. They were hunters. Whites met blacks 100 after they landed at the Cape. Whites developed the country. The blacks killed other tribes to try and be the rulers. When the whites won them in wars now they cry…….

  5. The saddest of all this is that its clear as F-ing daylight and the world shruggs their shoulders. Living here is day in and day out panic, depression, fear, angst, anger, frustration, hopelessness. PLEASE SEE EMAIL FOR MY SON LIAM HOGAN FOR PREVIOUS POST ON JOBS FOR YOUNG ONES SCOTT. I MUST SAVE HIM THEN I CAN BREATHE.

  6. You know, it occurred to me sometime ago that maybe the whites weren't so much racist against the black Africans in the past, rather they saw how they lived and behaved and decided that you could do nothing with these people. Better to live separately from them if you didn't want your way of life destroyed. After all, who would live in a black neighbourhood in the US or Europe even today.

  7. This is why I voted NO in the 1992 referendum. And I still to this day believe apartheid is justified if all this tragic would have been prevented. Never tell me democracy is better than apartheid, period. The status before and after 1994 of the State Owned Enterprise in SA proof this. Proof me wrong……. Mr blacky.

  8. Kill the companies employing, kill the tax base, bring in the Chinese, try tax them…..Mr China says no way, we pay no tax……f you……and the new game begins.

  9. Accountability for one's failures is not a feature of the African. People in the West deny this fact, throwing racism as an excuse…denying the African their agency and making things worse. We see problems here with them attacking elderly Vietnamese men because they won't give them cigarettes, gangs of them raiding electronics stores in Sydney, attacking South Asian housewives in Melbourne…I could go on and on, but you know where that leads…nowhere. The common denominator in all of this is victimhood on the part of the violent perpetrator, blaming others for their actions, and lack of enforcement to punish them for this. Dark times ahead.

  10. Except for the fact they are all seriously brain impaired, they are being led by their noses to fulfill agenda 21. If you look at what they do it is textbook agenda 21 directions and they are too stupid to realise because they don't even know about it. Just interested in looting and filling their bank accounts with taxpayers money.

  11. EVOLUTION!! It takes generations and hundreds of years. “They” will remain primitive and probably never catch up with white IQ and intellect. Look at history for the solution.

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