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  1. It would be so great if the voice actor they hired to narrate this actually asked someone how to pronounce La Serenissima, Byzantine, Cupola, and all the other words he just butchered.

  2. One of those buldings built in 1063 ? That's 955 years ago….and it's stood all that time! So, I don't see what the immediate fuss is about. It should be good for another 500 years at least. And way before that time, we'll all be blown up by the current President, or the Mad Kim Jong tribe of lunatics. I dunno though: this wanting to live ON water, and then cry when the building sinks is similar to those in America wanting to live in an earthquake zone or a Hurricane prone area. They get their homes demolished on a regular basis, and yet, after the 3rd time of it happening, the residents STILL stay there and re-build, defiant. (Stupid more like). There isn't a God you can follow or pray to when it comes to Mother Nature, so there's no point saying "ooh, we thank God for saving us from the Hurricane". NOPE – That was a warning. You were lucky this time. But oh no!, they take no heed. They just go ahead and re-build, and wait until the next storm season passes through. Keep rolling the dice.

    I tell you, there has to be a chromosome missing in some of these people.

    Venice is no different. It's a sinking City (at a rate of 2-3mm a year). It's only a matter of short time before one building tilts enough to topple into the water, taking with it residents and tourists alike. I wouldn't stay waiting for my house to gradually tip over and drown me: I'd be looking for another place to live.

  3. Dumb asses built on swamp land. We got land in Florida that's just right come on down. Guess they could build a wall to keep the water out but that would be racist need to just let it flood in.

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