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San Francisco Walking Tour 4K Hd

This is a virtual going for walks tour close to San Francisco California. In the movie we walk close to Fishermans Wharf, downtown San Francisco, Chinatown, Lombard Road, down by the bay bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. We see whales beneath the Golden Gate as nicely as sea lions at Fishermans Wharf, Island Hopper […]

nine times, 4 locations- our trip to Italy

Only nine times to arrive at 4 locations in a region very unknown to either of us. We managed to capture a million trains, boat, planes, and buses to new areas with only minor information. But alongside one another we took on Italy. We uncovered how to speak Italian with our fingers, we made good […]


  1. Americans are actually big tea drinkers, but we don't drink it as a snack or with "cookies-biscuits" or with milk/cream, we mostly drink tea for the health benefits. We do have kettles but it's not used often because the convenience of a tea bag is quicker.

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