Venice, Italy | Snacking, Drinking, Discovering!

In our second Venice movie we used a several days checking out the nooks and crannies of the town with a liberal amount of money of wine as a 3rd wheel.
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Venice Component 3 ►
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Films outlined in this movie:
Venice, Component 1…………►
Glasgow, Scotland …►


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  1. 17:18 i dunno if you guys do this or not, but for the things where you dont wanna use normal funds on big things like that cost excessively, if you did a spontaneous live stream and I saw it I totally would have sent like a $10 superchat!

    I totally agree with why you guys didn't do it but I think it'd be a really fun mini-event where you dont make a big deal about it and just stream and ask people and boom funded bonus event and the notification squad could get noted in the credits for that little extra bit or somethin! I would think you'd have to just say hey thanks for the donations and we'll go film this now and get the vid up asap and not try to keep the live stream going because who knows how that's gonna go.

    Plus if live streaming was not possible in the area, if there's internet where you are staying you could schedule a live stream and talk about and go over the extra stuff that you want to do that day or something?

    I could see it happening for all kinds of extra little stuff it'd be fun for people like me who could contribute but don't do the regular patreon thing. Either way, loved the vid!

  2. Funny thing about that HUGE toilet flusher(funny to me lol) I went to provincetown MA USA for the first time last week(tip of Cape cod )I have lived in southeast MA my whole life, but that was my first time. We stopped at a whole in the wall bar, behind a building, outdoor, informal place. I used the bathroom and it had one of those huge toilet flusher. First one I ever saw lol

  3. Oh, also, regarding the masks, I believe most people (tourists) that buy them, use them for decoration. Wall art. They're so pretty. I am for Sure planning on buying at least one if I ever get to go to Venice :))

  4. Ok 1) All those sweets sounds Yummy.
    3) How interesting about the flatbread sandwich! That's cool that you guys got to try and actual Northern Italy thing while being in Northern Italy, since you didn't go to any of the rest of the country. And also, how neat that you got that cool little history lesson from that guy after =D

  5. Sometime ago, I had visited Venice when I was only 9 years old (my Dad worked in the embassy)…Venice is one 'beautiful' city to visit…. it's nice to see you guys had lots of fun during your stay there….. (like it at #447) Greetings from USA !

  6. Oh my gosh, that book store- that book store!! It was so gorgeous in a messy, crusty, chaotic way. And it's on the water- How it doesn't get wiped out with mold, I have no idea.

  7. Find funny the difference in the size of an Eric bite and a Kyde bite!!! Love the way you travel, so down to earth, nothin' fancy and not missing a thing…. love it! Someday I will go to Venice. someday….Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. just an information: the one you ate is not a Cannolo it’s a Cannoncino… Cannolo from sicily is made with ricotta cheese and a fried pastry… Cannoncino is made with puff pastry and patissiere creams… Ciao!

  9. When I visited Venice I laughed in front of that same window when I saw what they call cannolis. You referred probably to sicilian cannolis, they do not have the bottom are open on both sides and are filled with ricotta cheese chocolate chips and/or pistachio, wrapped in a fried shell. In Venice try local pastries they are delicious, when I was there I've bought galani , zaleti, baicoli, and pinza. On spumone your pronunciation was native level girl,no kidding. Just ask the seller for local sweets.Sorry for any mistake I did in English .Happy travels guys! Kisses from Sicily, If you ever make it this south you'll see what cannolis are:)

  10. I really enjoy your videos but I find that your extreme ignorance turns me off sometimes. It can be a vehicle to a greater understanding, but sometimes it is quite offensive.

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