Venice, Italy | First Days Exploring & Mastering to Row a Batellina

Venice was incredible. We ate a lot of pizza. A few more video clips from Venice on the way, make guaranteed you are subscribed:
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  1. How would you stop ice cream from running down the cone and over your hand? Oh wait, I’ve thought of a solution, lick it at the bottom as it melts, you know, like the rest of the world does. Dude, I’ve now seen you struggle with a fork and an ice cream cone, I strongly recommend you don’t dabble with any heavy machinery, ever.

  2. Yay, Venice! I’ve never been but have always wanted to go. You guys did a great job capturing the sort of non-touristy, day-to-day loveliness of the city (which only serves to make the city more appealing, in my opinion). I’m looking forward to more of your Italy videos 🙂

  3. I loved the format of this video! I didn't realize how long it was until it ended, and then I wanted it to be longer. I was in Venice for a few days about 15 years ago. I was fun to see it again. My favorite city in Italy is Florence. I would love to see you go there.

  4. GREAT first video from Venice! It always just looks Amazingly pretty. I'm surprised you guys ate so much pizza. Lol if I was just arrived in Italy, I probably would put myself into a legit food coma with all the fresh pasta I would be eating XD Also, at the end when Kyde was saying what was coming up, she mentioned more Venice and then a ton from Croatia…….does that mean the only place you guys went to in Italy was Venice????


  5. Love following all your journeys, and sometimes with G/earth, your residence doesn't have that list of bingo numbers, and was surprised to find the boat yards. I stayed in Venice a long time ago (20 years!) and thought I wandered a lot, BUT never got there. I am now a little bit sad, but glad to see it through you. ALL the best, keep well.

  6. Kyde joked about the numbers over the door being like something you would see on a prison uniform…Then she started pulling out the Keys. I thought you two were about to say your room used to be a jail. LoL

  7. The one thing I really admire, above all else, about you two is that soulmate quality of relationship you enjoy. SO very rare. That should be something you two are thankful for every single day. No amount of money can buy that.

  8. I like how anecdotal your videos are. There is a food connection between Italy and Scotland. During WW2 thousands of Italian prisoners were taken during the battles in North Africa (Libya). These POW's were sent back to England and Scotland to work on the land. Some of them stayed after the end of the war and used their Italian food skills to start a business. One of them was the making of ice cream which is why Scottish ice cream makers have Italian names.

  9. Loved the video guys! I'm real interested in an Italian trip and this got me excited. I'd like to hear just a tiny bit about the ease of communication where you are too.

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