Venice Flood 2019: Tourists Slosh Through Submerged City

Tourists and Venetians alike donned high boots and took to strategically placed raised walkways on Tuesday to slosh through the high water that has hit much of the lagoon city.

Venice’s tide forecast office said the water level peaked at 1.27 meters (about 4 feet 3 inches) Tuesday morning but warned that an even higher tide was forecast for after nightfall.

The high water invaded cafes, stores and other businesses. Sirens warned people in Venice of the rising water, and as a precaution, authorities closed nursery schools.

A top tourist attraction, the Ducal Palace, just off St. Mark’s Square, tweeted that it’s “open today, despite the exceptional tide,” and advised visitors to use the raised walkways leading to its entrance.

Many hotels keep disposable knee-high plastic boots handy for tourists. Venetians’ wardrobes often include over-the-knee rubber boots.

As the phenomenon of high water, locally known as “acqua alta,” goes, the levels Tuesday, while amusing for tourists and a nuisance for residents going about their business, were far lower than the 1.94 meters (6 feet 4 inches) in the devastating November 1966 flood in Venice.

But even lesser levels of the salty high water, over the years, take their toll on the city, eroding foundations of homes, businesses and city buildings.

Bad weather is continuing to dog Italy, with no real let-up forecast for several days.

In Policoro, a southern town in an area known for its ancient Greek ruins, a whirlwind ripped the roofs off two homes, but the occupants inside escaped injury, Italian news reports said.

In that same region of Basilicata, swaths of the tourist town of Matera, famed for its Sassi former cave dwellings, were flooded after heavy rains.

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    St. Mark's relationship with rain.

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  2. This Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts in article – “ Vedic astrology view for Italy in soon coming year 2019” – were brought to public domain widely in October-November last year 2018. Text of one of the predictive alerts for more care and appropriate strategy reads like this in the said article :-

    “ Weather or climate change may engage attention. Extreme weather or hurricanes , storms , tornadoes may be the cause of such attention. Italy could form a centre-stage for international discussions and formulation of policy relating to the aforesaid subject……………………………………………..These concerns are likely to crop up in April –May and September-October of 2019 , in or near one or more such places as Terni , Taranto , Perugia and Pescara.” Now , it may be of interest to find as to how far these predictive alerts have turned accurate.

    According to news reports , Venice city of Italy was flooded on 12 November or around in present year 2019 by a huge storm caused by 50 ft high tide , like of which has not happened in last 50 years. The storm has devastated major part of Venice which is at nearly five hour journey by train from Terni, the place indicated as in proximity. In addition , UK and Italy have decided on 10 September 2019 to host crucial COP 26 UN Climate Summit at Glasgow. It may thus be observed that the predictive alert of this writer made a year past for more care and appropriate strategy has turned precisely meaningfully accurate.

  3. "20 percent of the Netherlands is below sea level and 50 percent is less than one meter above it", yet you rarely hear the country crying on the news about flooding. Why is that? Simple, they devote time, effort and expertise to understanding flood mitigation- they are some of the best in the world on the matter, and for some reason, high school "experts" are not asking them for their opinion or expertise- in fact, Holland seems to be rather silent on the matter- I guess they are not qualified enough for high school majors who will not shut-up. Heard even their king spent years in school learning about flooding, water management and dams, not sitting there like a grade 11 drop out pointing at everyone and everything and saying "How Dare You". How about, "how dare they", build and develop in known floodplains, have little or no mitigation in place, and expect everyone to bail them out when nature does what it always does, flood a floodplain or low-lying area.

  4. Didn't people say global warming was gonna fuck Venice up years ago? Or maybe that was just me who called it but humans suck we suck at keeping the only place we got to live rn cuz rich ppl be greedy but ay stay greedy because they hurting the whole team not just the poor the rich killing themselves too

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