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This video is about Venice City Tour (Fastrack) | Travel Italy | Episode 1 | RoamerRealm

I only had a short time in Venice when I was in Italy, and I have to admit, it was a bit rushed. But the city is definitely unique and much different than other European cities! In the first episode of this two part series, I’ll share my experience from my time there. You can use this info to plan your trip or if you’ve already been there, then revisit some old memories from this magical island! So let’s go explore Venice!

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Venice (also called Venezia in Italian) is a city in Veneto, a region of North-East Italy. It’s part of the EU and the local currency is Euro. The city is virtually the same as it was six hundred years ago, which adds to the fascinating character. However, it’s a general consensus among locals that Venice has decayed over time since it’s a heavily touristic. Pre-Covid the city averaged 20 million tourists every year!

You can reach Venice by from all major cities in Italy as well as from the neighboring European countries. I was doing a much elaborate Euro trip and arrived here from Vienna by train. I used the Eurail pass throughout my trip. If you don’t know what a Eurail pass is, I’ve made a video about it already. You can check this card on screen. Deepening on your style of travel, the pass may save you a lot of money! However, buses can also be used to reach Venice! Anyway, irrespective of the mode you arrive, the last part of your journey to Venice will be on foot, be it be from the nearest water taxi pier or train station or even a parking garage. Once you are here, the best way to explore Venice is on foot. Getting lost wandering through the narrow lanes, walking along the winding canals, and popping into all the beautiful architecture that’s consistent throughout the city. Besides being narrow, note that the alleys can be very crowded as well, making it difficult to pass with bulky luggage, so, plan your choice of luggage accordingly.

The most recognizable places in Venice are right in the center. In all likelihood, the first that will catch your eye will be the Rialto Bridge. It’s the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. Do spend a few minutes here and soak in the views from the Grand canal! A 2 minute walk from the bridge will bring you to St Mark’s Square, it is the most famous piazza in Venice! This square really is the perfect place to start your tour of Venice and tick off some of its most impressive sights. One of the most renowned and famous buildings in Venice is the St. Mark’s Basilica. It is a sublime piece of architecture and remains one of the most important religious buildings in Northern Italy that’s located in Piazza San Marco.

Once you drift away from the tourist spots and venture into the ancient and confusing maze of alleys and canals, Venice’s true beauty will become even more apparent! However, if you only have limited time in the city, then it’s best to carry a map instead of wandering aimlessly. On few occasions I ended up in alleys which I had already explored. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I would have definitely liked to cover more of the unexplored areas!

There are also many free walking tours available in the city if you’re on a budget, pick one with best reviews on TripAdvisor and you should fine.

Okay question – would you like to cover Venice in one day? or would you rather take it slow and stay for the weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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As always, thanks for watching, keep exploring and stay safe!

Time Codes
0:00 – Video Intro
0:27 – Channel Intro
0:50 – Venice Location and Geography
1:04 – Venice History
1:23 – How to reach Venice
2:08 – Venice City walking tour
2:50 – Rialto Bridge
3:22 – St. Mark’s Square
3:40 – St. Mark’s Basilica
3:52 – Piazza San Marco
4:20 – Venice Canals and Sightseeing
6:00 – Video Outro


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