Venice Boat ride June fifteenth, 2008… Ahhh am in Venice….

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Transportation in Venice, Italy – Tourism in Venice

Earth Travel Venice, Italy Travel Manual General public transportation in Venice The very best strategies to get about Venice are on foot or by drinking water buses (vaporetti) which are operated by the local authority Azienda Consorziale Transporti Venezia (tel: (041) 2424 The vaporetti have set routes about Venice so your journey is dictated […]

Venice – Higher Velocity Water Taxi from Airport to Town, July 2016

On arrival at Venice’s Marco Polo Airport, the quickest way to get to the aged metropolis is by water taxi across the Lagoon. These super fast boats overtake every thing else in sight as they scream across the lagoon together the marked out “motorway” involving the airport and the metropolis. The route can take us […]


  1. Prego :" ).. i always feel to capture the moments so that i can tell and share my story, my journey with others. thank you for the nice comment. I am American, i was born in the U.S., Sicilian blood runs thru my viens,Part of my soul resides in Sicilia.
    Big smiles Sempre. Ciao BarryAir

  2. It is magic. My wife and I took a walk at night and went straight to the Realto Bridge purely by accident. We had a nice moment up top in the center looking across the Grande Canale. Your love of life really shows in your videos. Ciao.

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