Venice Beach Tour 2018! (Travel Vlog)

Hey guys. As requested by viewers here is a Venice Beach Tour Vlog. If your thinking of traveling to Venice California watch this video first! And share with your travel friends.
#VeniceBeach #TravelVlog #LilCheetah

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  1. I was in l.a last year. I went to venice beach too. All walks of life go there. Including runners, stoners, skaters etc. Just like any major city in America. I live in Chicago and visited many major cities in the States. All have homeless folks, drug addicts, runners , cyclist etc. People will always point out the bad. Including myself. Which can't be avoided.
    I hate that many say go back to your dads. Charlie needs to learn how to be on his own and hopefully learn from his mistakes. I love California. Much love from Chiraq lol. Get your shit together Charlie. Own up to your shit and stop asking for help. Its consistent hard work. No doubt. You can do it. Your dad is getting older and hes not always going to be there.

  2. Cheetah, if you get the chance — and hopefully it didn't burn down — you should do a vlog from the lake at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple on Sunset Blvd near the ocean. Honestly, that place is effing beautiful. Walking around that lake will revive you way more than a Monster drink.

  3. Shall I swing by on my way to Vegas? I’m leaving next week, Friday, should be there by Monday? I should have a lot of cash with me-if you need some. If I do, will you promise not to snot?
    What time did you shoot this? Enjoyed the vvlog. Thanks CM

  4. you need to be realistic… santa monica/venice is not an area where someone can just move to broke and think they can make it by making a few hundred dollars on adsense and selling 4 tshirts each month. having said that i liked this vlog lol

  5. I've been to Venice Beach (recently) and I thought it was filthy, full of drug addicts and had terrible public transportation. I'd rather be on a beach in Cambodia —and I'm really not fond of Cambodia! For the average punter, South of France wins, no contest.

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