Venice Beach House Tour!

Full house tour of our $9,000 a month house in Venice Beach. We lived here with 7-9 people living here at once! So grateful for all of the memories we’ve made and the incredible people we’ve gotten to live with.


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Thanks for watching our couple’s channel! This channel is a space for us to share more of our relationship with you, lessons we’re learning and tools we’re using to grow closer and to communicate better. We’re excited to share couple travel vlogs, life update vlogs (maybe one day even our kids?), relationship advice videos and so much more! Subscribe to follow our journey!



  1. Amazing channel! I think you deserve way more views! Why aren’t you using smzeus”dot”com??! You should use it to help your videos rank better in the search.

  2. Your house is beautiful! And I would love to live in a community. Have you ever had any safety issues with it at all? Anything stolen or any creepy guys? Also, you both look so well and healthy and happy and glowing! Lots of love to you both

  3. I personally like living with friends or other people especially with city life. Always someone there to chat with and look after the apartment. Living alone is boring and I ended up never being home when I lived alone. I really really appreciate that you thought about the design and furnishings of the home instead of it feeling like a college dorm haha. The wood furniture is sooo gorgeous!!

  4. Guys why did you hide my comment. I am huge admirer of you two! I commented the following but it was later hidden "Such a beautiful couple, dont understand why they have such low views and also Louis subscribers are reducing every day! Wish them the best !" Hope this is not removed/hidden. Much love

  5. I would love if you could talk a bit more how you got into community living. I live in London and I wouldn't know where to start. The few friends I have already have their own places, but I guess it would need to be arranged between friends?

  6. So exciting to hear all about the new house and the new vision for living in community. Also, $9,000 a month? Yikes! I live in Canada and have a 3 bedroom house in the 'nice end of town' and my mortgage payment is $776 a month lol.

  7. I'm so intrigued about community living!! I'd love to see a video with more info on that. My mum's Danish and it's a somewhat common style of living in socialist countries, but quite unusual in capitalist/more individualistic countries such as the US. Would love to hear more 🙂

  8. I love that you guys have Shabbat dinners. Is one of your housemates Jewish? I lived in a community environment with 9 other people for a summer and it was honestly such a powerful experience. If you ever need Shabbat ideas hit me up 🙂

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