Venice Backstage – How does Venice do the job?

[ youtube reupload of this online video on vimeo ]
Venice is not just a stage set. It is also a city with a resident populace, which has productive pursuits, transportation and expert services. But how does the “Venice process” do the job? How do the tides in the lagoon behave? How are the canals shaped? And the embankments? What is under the properties?
Directed by Nicolò Scibilia ( Movement graphics: pholpo. Produced by Insula spa, operational division of Venice Municipality.


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  1. So informative and to the point. The narrator should be in every documentary. If a student was doing a project on Venice, he/she shouldn't look any further. It's all here. And, by the way, some people who watch a documentary like this, and then make comments, which are totally irrelevant, using profanity, must have too much time on hand, and have little common sense, and get the attention they don't deserve. Anyway, thanks for the video.

  2. Yknow I use to think why are they spending so much money on saving this city. and then I realized any city needs maintenance so I dunno. Ive been there a couple times its worth going too, and I sure hope its still standing for future generations.

  3. Well done. This is a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes in Venice and answers many questions inquisitive tourists may have. Such a refreshing change to the usual format of Venice videos.

  4. 00:15 ''Venice lies in the middle of a lagoon''.
    WAW really? And me thinking it was in the middle of the Sahara ! When a doc. starts like that, you know it must be a twit one !

  5. I'm so thankful that I have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful city well over 100 times. I, in particular, have enjoyed watching the maintenance aspect, the draining of canals, the foundational reconstruction efforts, etc. Thanks for explaining it so well.

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