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The perfect vegan recipe book for you

Now the vegan diet is talking about more and more people choose this type of 100% vegetable style of food.

Many people choose it for environmental, ethical or health reasons, but also to try new flavors and enjoy new dishes.

If you follow the vegan diet correctly you can enjoy many benefits and this recipe book offers you a variety of recipes that you can integrate into your diet.

By eliminating from your diet foods rich in saturated fat and cholesterol such as those of animal origin, you can prevent certain diseases such as cardiovascular, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

In addition, this diet promotes weight loss, in fact, vegans lose weight more easily than others, get better results and still achieve the feeling of satiety.

These benefits are not invented but, are the result of years of scientific research that you can easily find and consult on the internet.

You will live a better and healthier life and you will not have to worry sooner than expected about diseases caused by a wrong and unhealthy diet.

So if you understand the real benefits of the vegan diet, you need a special recipe book to try and enjoy typical vegan dishes and this recipe book is right for you.

In this recipe book you will find:

250 recipes: inside you will find 250 different and irresistible recipes that will enrich your menu and expand your culinary knowledge.

Accurate descriptions: each recipe is accompanied by a full and detailed description to allow you to prepare your dishes for the best.

Ingredients: in each recipe you will find all the ingredients you will need for the preparation of the dish to make it as complete as possible.

Detailed instructions: like any recipe book, for each recipe you will find the preparation instructions that will direct you step by step to make your dish perfect.

• Photo : all recipes have their own photo, so before you start cooking you will know in advance the final result and once ready you can compare it with your dish.

In short, a 100% complete cookbook, with delicious recipes for all ages and for every type of person.

So if you also want to stay healthy or taste new tasty dishes, buy this recipe book by pressing the top “buy with a click”, start cooking and you will see with your own eyes the benefits of this style of food.

Publication Date: 29.06.21

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