Vanishing Venice: The sinking metropolis dropping its soul | Overseas Correspondent

Italy’s “Floating City” is sinking less than its sea stage and the weight of mass tourism. Now people of Venice are preventing to preserve it’s soul right before it vanishes, as Samantha Hawley reviews.

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  1. I visited this great city on an Army trip/tour in the early 1980s. So beautiful, historic and kind people but a cheeseburger for my son was around $8 US dollars and the $1 was strong ($1=3.74 D-Mark in Germany)
    I will never forget the experience but I can only imagine what it would cost a family of four now.

  2. Perché intervistare dei contadini illetterati invece che sommi intellettuali…? Perché Venezia è purtroppo piena di "cuntado" trasferitosi dalla campagna o dai dintorni (Chioggia, Mira, Mirano) nel corso dei secoli. Venezia deve diventare PORTO FRANCO in mano a Fondazioni straniere, città della Cultura 12 mesi all' anno. I nativi 44/46 mila locali vanno trasferiti altrove. La città va gestita da non-veneziani come il più grande centro culturale al mondo. "Produttivamente" possono sopravvivere solo Murano e il porto, mentre il turismo è cosa a parte, un "danno necessario" e lo studentame va stoccato a Mestre, in case dello studente realizzate appositamente per bloccare la popolazione giovanile prima del ponte della Libertà. Di notte la città deve essere svuotata e, possibilmente, pattugliata. In 60/70 anni la popolazione d' indigeni si è ridotta del 67/69%, da 151000 ai 61000 di oggi, a partire dal dopoguerra

  3. This is the problem when the people of a particular place have no say over it, and then others extract the benefit. A disgusting failure of Italian politics. Vatican City shows what can be done — but then the Holy See actually owns and runs it, and uses the funds for its upkeep and preservation. Maybe that’s the solution: for Venice to return to what she was not that long ago, before Napoleon destroyed it: La Serenissima, the oldest of republics.

  4. irony. frowning upon the property OWNERS wanting to earn some income – at the same time shaming those who come over ''only'' for half a day to see Venice, shaming them for being backpackers and spending little. what a stupid journalism that is

    the REAL Venice is not determinde by the present day Venetians. what tourists come to see is the Venetia from the glorious past of hundreds of years ago. present day Venetians are nothing special, they are just like anyone else in the world, including those vilified tourists. present day Venetians are cooks and waiters, property owners and socialists etc.

    there is no such thing as the SOUL of Venetia or REAL Venetians. – but if those''real'' venetians are so special why not to lock them in a Zoo?

    regarding the problem – consider transforming Venetia into a PRIVATE COMPANY, give share to the so called real venetians so they are happy, control the inbound people ( cap the number ), require minimum spending, make a system of bookings in advance ( say in a few months ahead ). ORDER restored.
    and did I say – secede from Italy? yes, this as well. But to stay safe – keep paying a fee to the Military of the Italy or buy such a a service from Austria, or Croatia or the US or whoever else sells it. another problem solved. no more problems left – so stop moaning and start solving problems.

  5. Similar problem in Sonoma County California is being destroyed by wineries, tourist and Airbnb Forget the locals, we are being priced out with limited rental options. It's not realistic for everyone to buy. Just think of all the housing we would have if it was not for Airbnb The cost of everything is skyrocketing, more taxes and less housing. It's mainly middle income being affected by this issue and yet our officials do little or nothing because it's all about money.

  6. Stop the cruise ships now!!!!! If any inhabitants should have a wall just to save the nature and life of the area, its Venice! To bad we weren’t born there to enjoy it and we have no right to destroy it! Greed and Money are destroying the world!

  7. Venice without Venicians is basically Busch Gardens (Williamsburg): It may look like Italy, may play Italian music, but it's not Italy… it's just an expensive amusement park owned by a large corporation . **
    The best way to experience a new place to put yourself in the life of a local. Live like they live, eat what they eat and experience life through their eyes. You might not always see something wonderful: you might see the poverty that prevails or the lack of sanitation. Conversely, if you look beyond casinos and fancy restaurants and instead go where locals eat and get to know them, you could find the secret behind their stress-free lifestyles or learn a new skill you never thought you would learn – for free – from a new found friend. 🙂 Even if you're not completely comfortable with something (such as the Tribal Wives: Kitava episode where women traditionally go topless for a ceremony but the young brit who the was the focus, didn't want to initially. She refused the first time but near the end of her month stay, she did as the others and found that she didn't stand out so she didn't feel nearly as uncomfortable – and earned the respect of the tribe, who, just don't see toplessness in a purely sexual light, in case you're wondering. More like how some view breastfeeding in public: it's not sexy – it's feeding a another human being or a topless beach: it's a nice view for sure, but it's more about minimalism and freedom.)

    ** Busch Gardens has two locations. In Florida, the parts are each African countries and in Williamsburg (Virginia), it's European themed with parts labeled "New France" (Quebec, Canada during colonial times – yeah, I know…. it doesn't really make sense. That's Canada, not Europe), Italy, Germany, Scotland and France (I know… Why have France and New France? I have no clue. I'd have stopped at France and added Spain or a Scandinavian country…)** Please don't visit. 🙂

  8. No matter where you go . It's bound to be filled with Tourists . People today have lots of money and they are just dying to spend it . But all of this money is destroying what were once wonderful places to visit like Venice . Because of this i no longer Travel .

  9. Store owners in Venice have thrived and restaurants could afford to justify their high bills for decades, now they're crying crocodile tears because this amount of tourism is unsustainable.Artisans never wanted to adapt their business to the 21st century to fight unregulated competitors and the illegal sale of fake goods, so no wonder they are struggling without rebranding themselves. Having cruises in the city was the stupidest idea of the century.

  10. very sad to see what has become of the city where I spent my youth…was back there for a visit 2 years ago and hardly recognized the place. General greed the cause, as it is in most places around the world. We are destroying our world for money.

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