VAN Lifetime GERMANY – TRAVELLING and Building Videos #Germany #journey

Immediately after leaving Rothenberg ob der Tauber we headed north but did not get pretty much as we could not resist stopping at yet another few of very little medieval towns, Iphofen and Mainbernheim….we need much more time!

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  1. Really enjoying this trip of yours.. Fantastic vlogging and editing… You are showcasing the beautiful villages and scenery very well. Feel like I'm on the trip with you. Gonna press the bell icon so can catch up with you as it unravels.. X

  2. Wow  amazing , I have a friend in Bavaria he invites us every year as he does metal detecting like us, you are both doing a great job putting out videos and showing us amazing places so don't worry making memories is priceless , hope your rib is better now too bet wishes guys 🙂

  3. i am truly enjoying every moment of this journey. I am 78 yrs old and am getting my pro master built out. Just spoke with the builder and he said it would be ready this week on Friday. I am sooooo excited to get on the road. Heading to New Mexico. about 1200 miles.

  4. I remember you did do some of Czech Republic last year. Dunno if it was the same area, Prague, i think? Karlovy Vary is a cool little place. Used to date a guy from there and have a colored picture book from there. By the way, The Indy projects have just now left England but are going the other route (thru Lithuania, etc) dated a guy whose parents were from there, also. Small world. Haha.

  5. Keep on trucking, one little question what do you use to film on,go pro, camera, phone, always steady and in 4 k. Keep up the great videos. Drive safe .

  6. Really appreciate the time and effort you put I to the videos , I would love to be able to reach anywhere near your standard of editing but really. Struggle finding a suitable user friendly programme to use
    Keep the videos coming , hope Sarah's totally recovered.

  7. You just don't know guys the positivity you inflict in your viewers. Those small towns you had shown us. Learning from what you had researched about different stories of those places. You both are so candid and sincere. My great respect to all your hardwork. Thank you for sharing your journey…..

  8. You guys are doing a bang up job with your videos. I totally understand taking footage from many angles. Another channel I watch is days ahead as well and often does a one take video to give himself a few days to breath and live van life. When I am behind the camera too much I make myself leave my gear at home for the morning or afternoon. It is so refreshing to just be. I am sure I am not alone when saying I will still be here and understand you taking a break from full production. I say this as I am home clearing my sd cards from my morning adventure. lol Oh, and you both look so very healthy.

  9. Some of these towns have new buildings built where old buildings once stood as some were damaged during WW2. They are "aged" to look old to fit in with the real old buildings

  10. Whilst in Germany I hope you guys treat yourselves to a Black Forest Gateau with that coffee you make – OMG I`m literally dribbling thinking about it…………I NEED CAKE RIGHT NOW!

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