Valencia to Granada by Bus | Spain Journey Vlog #Spain #journey


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This is section of our Journey in Ukraine online video collection showcasing Ukrainian meals, Ukrainian tradition and Ukrainian cuisine.

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  1. Valencia is my favorite city in the whole world. You shouldn't have left it! 🙂 Anyway, it would have been better if you stopped in Alicante (more bearable bus ride). Comparing to Valencia it is not that beautiful, but it is nice, and if you go to the castle and look down, you will fall in love with the city.

  2. Guys!!! I was worried sick – it took about as long as it takes light to travel from the sun to here – 8 minutes – before food was even mentioned…….issues such as food (PIZZA) are not to be taken lighthearted, Sam…….:-)

  3. Ah, Valencia, memories…… Some years ago, my parents – sadly no longer in this world – owned a villa on the Costa Blanca in Calpe, between Alicante and Valencia. My Dad was always frustrated that he couldn't find a decent detailed map of the area, so I did a bit of research and discovered that "official" (1:50 000) maps, were only available through certain army barracks. And to get the maps, you had to go to the barracks in person. That was when I made my first trip to Valencia. So off I went by bus, from Calpe, found the barracks and…..blimey! Is this a map-shop or a prison camp? Guarded entrance, barbed-wire entaglements, armed guards – but these fearsome-looking guards told me how to get to the map-shop. So in I went, and told the uniformed personnel what I wanted, and, with smiles, they provided me with what I was after. Phew!

    Back into Valencia and, of course, a delicious paella (chicken and seafood…yummy!) before travelling by train inland, then down to Alicante, then the narrow-gaude train back to Calpe.

    Don't know if rules have changed about maps since, but the maps the army sold me are still treasured psessions.

  4. What a great apartment, love that shower. So nice to share this experience with your parents, so valuable. Bus trips are the worst, at least when it's a long trip and you've long legs like I do as Dutchy 😉

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