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Vacationer Attractions in Venice, Italy
1.Piazza San Marco
Piazza San Marco, frequently acknowledged in English as St Mark’s Sq., is the principal public square of Venice, Italy, where by it is commonly acknowledged just as la Piazza. All other city areas in the city are referred to as campi.

two.Saint Mark’s Basilica
The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark, frequently acknowledged as Saint Mark’s Basilica, is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice, northern Italy.

three.Doge’s Palace
The Doge’s Palace is a palace designed in Venetian Gothic design and style, and a person of the principal landmarks of the city of Venice in northern Italy.

4.Rialto Bridge
The Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Connecting the sestieri of San Marco and San Polo, it has been rebuilt quite a few periods considering that its first building as a pontoon bridge in the twelfth century, and is now a major tourist attraction in the city.

5.Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs is a bridge located in Venice, northern Italy. The enclosed bridge is manufactured of white limestone, has windows with stone bars, passes over the Rio di Palazzo, and connects the New Prison to the interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace.

6.San Marco Campanile
St Mark’s Campanile is the bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy, located in the Piazza San Marco. It is a person of the most recognizable symbols of the city.

7.Grand Canal
The Grand Canal is a canal in Venice, Italy. It varieties a person of the main h2o-visitors corridors in the city. Community transportation is furnished by h2o buses and personal h2o taxis. As perfectly, quite a few holidaymakers examine the canal by gondola.

eight.Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore is a sixteenth-century Benedictine church on the island of the identical name in Venice, northern Italy, intended by Andrea Palladio, and designed in between 1566 and 1610.

nine.Teatro La Fenice
Teatro La Fenice is an opera residence in Venice, Italy. It is a person of “the most well-known and renowned landmarks in the record of Italian theatre”, and in the record of opera as a entire.

ten.Peggy Guggenheim Selection
The Peggy Guggenheim Selection is a modern art museum on the Grand Canal in the Dorsoduro sestiere of Venice, Italy. It is a person of the most visited attractions in Venice.

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