US Coastline Guard retains us in Cape Town. Voyage Delayed. Time to be a tourist.

We were supposed to be sailing out of Cape Town on May well twentieth, but the US Coastline Guard has not issued us a registration selection so we are unable to verify out of South Africa. By the time factors are sorted out, we will possibly be 10 times at the rear of plan.

The only silver lining is it has supplied me and the crew lots of time to be a tourist and verify out lots of of the factors Cape Town and the bordering location has to provide.

I have also performed a factory tour of the place Maverick 440 catamaran and the Xquisite X5 are created. These episodes will be coming out shortly.

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  1. Welcome to our country! Bummer about having to wait but glad you are making the best of South Africa. I am in Port Elizabeth, around 900km up the east coast! Enjoy the rest of your time here and safe travels back home!

  2. You arent missing much, boating ban is still in effect! I'm on my annual vacation where I hoped to launch for the year. Instead I'm going out to spencerville to clean her up on the hard.If we arent allowed by this weekend I'm going to launch in prescott for the summer instead.

  3. Leave it to the US Coast Guard to keep you waiting on paperwork! But, when you really need them they usually are there quick!! Hope you get to start your trip soon. Fair weather and following seas!!

  4. This is a bummer, but interesting nonetheless. I would love to know more about the process of leaving a country by sailboat. And about the laws regulating it. Or is this an insurance thing?

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